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Step by Step’s Christine Lakin on Life as a Former Child Star

November 13, 2013

Like every girl who grew up in the 1990s, Step by Step‘s Christine Lakin was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Unlike the rest of us, Christine didn’t just hang his Teen Beat pictures on her bedroom wall…

“I’d be like, ‘Oh my god, the Home Improvement boys got so cute over the summer,’” Christine told me of her social circle in the mid-1990s. “Apparently Zachery Ty Bryan had a crush on me, but I was crushing on JTT… It was so stupid. Nothing ever happened. But we would totally gossip about them!”

Although nothing came of those off-screen romances, Christine was seriously concerned at one point about a boy coming between her and Boy Meets World‘s Danielle Fishel.

“I remember one summer, she was kind of hanging out with (Party of Five‘s) Andrew Keegan, who was quite older,” Christine said. “I went to some charity function and we were all bowling. Then, Andrew started talking to me — and then he asked my mom if he could drive me home. I was like ‘Oh no, Danielle’s mad at me!’ It was like, it was a whole thing. Very funny now.” Read More

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