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Spending Summer with Young Actors from the Fayetteville Region

September 11, 2013

Appearing in movies and television is a dream for some.

In this area, it's a dream that has a good chance of coming true.

With Wilmington and environs heating up again as a center for film and TV development, opportunities for screen work abound.

Often, the job is just as an extra - one of those nameless people milling about in the background to lend authenticity to a scene.

Other times, it can be a speaking role or even a featured part. From there, who knows?

A couple of local people spent part of their summer on film or TV sets and shared their experiences, along with a few photos.

Carter Godwin

Ask Carter about his favorite memories of filming a TV movie with Paul Giamatti, and he doesn't hesitate.

"I got Skittles off the candy truck," Carter said. "And we got pizza delivered to our room."

The memories aren't surprising, considering Carter was only 3 years old at the time.

Now 10, Carter has already racked up a resume that would make actors twice his age envious. Read More