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Jennifer Connelly: I wish I’d Laughed More...

May 20, 2013

Former child star Jennifer Connelly won an Oscar for playing Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind and has starred in hit films such as Blood Diamond and He’s Just Not That Into You.
Jennifer, 42, is married to British actor Paul Bettany and they have three children. She is an ambassador for both Human Rights Education and Save The Children.
Her new romcom Stuck In Love is released on June 14. She talked to GARTH PEARCE about what she wishes she’d known at 18.
“I WISH I had not been a complete nerd. I had no sense of humour and took myself so seriously.
I was really interested in school and keen to prove to myself that I was not just a sexual object at 18.
So I concentrated on being a good student and got good grades. I was not concerned with a social life. I would stay in the library studying. How geeky is that?
I started working when I was ten (cast in the film Once Upon A Time In America) and acted or modelled from that time.
I also starred with David Bowie in the film Labyrinth when I was 15. I think I’m terrible in it, now I look back, but I was a kid. I became too aware of how I looked, too, which is not to be recommended for someone so young. Read More