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‘Iron Man 3' Breakout Star Ty Simpkins

May 08, 2013

We have a feeling you'll be hearing lots more about Ty Simpkins after "Iron Man 3."
Starring as Harley Keener, the 11-year-old fifth-grader serves as the pint-sized straight man for Tony Stark's best one-liners while helping the fallen hero repair his badly damaged suit.
Despite Simpkins's epic Hollywood résumé -- "Insidious," "Revolutionary Road," "War of the Worlds" -- he still attends public school. We caught up with him after school and got the lowdown on his key role in the summer's first blockbuster.
How was your school day -- is it hard to concentrate with so much going on? And how are your friends dealing with your super-heroic fame?
It was a little hard to sit still. One kid keeps tapping me on the shoulder and telling me how many days until the movie comes out. And some others asked me a bunch of questions. They all want to go and see it with me: one, because I'm in it and, two, because it's "Iron Man." Read More