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The GQ&A: Jason Bateman

April 17, 2013

There he is! There's the guy—pretty much the exact same guy, even though he's not acting at the moment—whose withering but somehow affectionate deadpan has cracked us up for thirty-two of his forty-four years now. In his teens: Silver Spoons, It's Your Move, Valerie, The Hogan Family. Bateman's twenties were pretty much lost in a haze of partying and sitcom pilots that went nowhere, but he roared back in 2003 with Arrested Development, a "career-defining" role that led to supporting parts in films (Juno, State of Play), which led in turn to lead roles (The Switch, Horrible Bosses), which eventually added up to enough Hollywood juice to score his two-year production deal with Universal. He's presently editing his directorial debut, a comedy called Bad Words that he also produced and starred in. And now, to the delight of millions of Arrested Development fans, he's just a couple of short months away from reappearing as Michael Bluth in the long-gestating resurrection of the show, which was canceled in 2006 after only three seasons. Apparently, though, the fourteen new episodes of AD that will stream on Netflix in May are...not the fourth season?

"It is not season four," Bateman says emphatically. "It got misbranded or mislabeled way, way, way back when and was never corrected for one reason or another. There are different agendas at work there, but it is not season four." Hmmm, mysterious. Much more on Arrested Development in a minute.  Read More