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Houston Teen Goes Hollywood

April 01, 2013

Houston native Chandler Canterbury has been acting since he was 8 years old, appearing in such high-profile projects as Knowing, Repo Men and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But I must admit: I wasn’t fully aware of this talented young actor until I was bowled over by his sensitive performance in A Bag of Hammers, an undeservedly overlooked and under-seen 2011 indie dramedy in which he played a neglected youngster who triggers paternal instincts in two twentysomething L.A. slackers.
As I noted in my Variety review, Canterbury “recalls Francois Truffaut’s description of his Antoine Doinel alter ego in The 400 Blows — a child who is not merely mistreated, but not treated at all — making [his] character’s appreciation of [car thieves played by Jason Ritter and Jake Sandvig] as surrogate fathers both comical and poignant.”

More recently, I was again impressed by Canterbury’s work in another indie project, When Angels Sing, a holiday-spirited comedy-drama that world-premiered a couple weeks ago at SXSW in Austin. This time, the 14-year-old Houstonian demonstrated that he could react just as well as he could act, most notably during a scene in which his character’s father, played by Harry Connick Jr., recounted the tragedy that soured him on ever celebrating Christmas. Read More