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Child Broadway Actor Shares Experience with Fellow Classmates

March 19, 2013

The Lion King has been on the Broadway stage for over 15 years, but what may be surprising is that one of the previous young stars now lives right here in South Jersey.

Now a 16-year-old student at Cedar Creek High School, Malcolm-Ali Davis is sharing his journey of becoming king with his fellow classmates.

"It was a lot of rehearsing," said child star, Malcolm-Ali Davis "I rehearsed for a month and a half before I actually did my first show, and from there it was just improving on what you were doing and getting comfortable with the role."

His part in the musical ties directly with the English class curriculum on multi-cultural drama. This is why Steve Ferguson wanted his students to learn directly from a Broadway star.

"It's a great experience for my students to be able to learn from somebody in the building about what happens when you follow your dreams and you work hard for something," said English teacher, Steve Ferguson. Read More