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Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas Reunite in 'Last Man Standing'

March 13, 2013

Former tween heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas will reunite with his one-time TV dad, Tim Allen, on March 22 when Thomas guests on Allen's sitcom "Last Man Standing."
Thomas, who played middle child Randy Taylor to Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson's Tim and Jill Taylor on "Home Improvement," was a regular "Tiger Beat" cover boy in the mid- to late '90s thanks to the sitcom's popularity -- but after the show ended in 1999, Thomas adopted a surprisingly low profile, heading for college (starting out at Harvard in 2000, he finally got his degree from Columbia a few years ago) and traveling. Thomas told Entertainment Weekly back in 2011 that his co-stars Zachery Ty Bryan and Taran Noah Smith -- who played his brothers Brad and Mark, respectively -- used to tease him about his pin-up status, but he understood: "There are too many things you could make fun of." But Thomas didn't seem in any rush to return to the headlines, telling EW he'd like to focus on working behind the camera down the road. (At that time, Thomas also said he hadn't yet heard from Allen about a "Last Man Standing" guest shot.) Read More