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Nashville Actress is Ready for her Biggest Role of All: Growing Up

February 22, 2013

Hayden Panettiere has played the soap star, the cheerleader, and the rising country star. But the Nashville actress is ready for her biggest role of all: growing up. Having successfully made the transition from child to adult star, Panettiere sat down with NYLON's Ashley Baker to talk about what's next--and how she got here, in the first place.
On growing up:
"Making the transition from being a child actor to an adult was tough. When I was a kid, it was just instincts, instincts, instincts. It never crossed my mind that acting wouldn't work out. But when I'd grown up enough to start questioning myself, I started worrying and doubting."
On how she relates to her Nashville character, Juliette:
"I know what it feels like to be under that kind of pressure and have personal issues be a constant topic of conversation. A lot of Juliette's lashing out is based on her childhood and the damage done there. I think most people can find some sort of pain in their lives." Read More