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Child Actors Part of New PA Child Labor Law

January 02, 2013

In the last legislative session, Pennsylvania lawmakers approved sweeping changes to the state’s child labor laws including, for the first time, language aimed at protecting child actors. The law goes so far as to define “reality TV” and place it under many of the same controls.

“Up until this time, reality TV as a genre of entertainment has not been defined,” said State Representative Thomas Murt of suburban Philadelphia. HB 1548 defines reality TV as “A genre of program that principally presents actual events and generally features ordinary people and not professional actors.”

Governor Tom Corbett signed the bill and the law will take effect late next month.

Murt said the creation of such “reality” entertainment must fall under many of the same guidelines as other more traditional forms of entertainment. “There are scripts, there are story arcs, there are sets.” Read More