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How I Hit a Home Run Casting Kids for ‘Home Run Showdown’

July 24, 2012

Finding the child actors for “Home Run Showdown” was a tall order. I needed strong male and female leads, sympathetic, baseball players or at least kids who could field and throw the ball convincingly.

When we started casting the kids, I was taken by the difference between kids in Hollywood and kids outside of Hollywood. Baseball in Michigan is a lifestyle. In Hollywood it is not as important. In Michigan, over the five months that I was there working on the film, baseball was everywhere. Restaurants, bars – pretty much any place that there was a TV - baseball was alive and well. Downtown Detroit can be empty, but when the Tigers are playing, the town fills up. Parking lots are jammed, and families are everywhere. It’s not that I couldn’t find kids who played baseball in Hollywood, but child actors in Hollywood are taking dancing, singing, and acting classes. In Michigan they are playing baseball. Read More