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Andy Scott Harris Stars as a Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder

June 11, 2012

No stranger to the stage or screen, at just 14 Andy Scott Harris has more credits than many actors would dream of and has already worked alongside Hollywood greats like Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. In his latest motion picture The Boarder he stars alongside Dee Wallace as Carl Williams, a child who suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder.
The Boarder is directed by Jolene Adams, written by Executive Producer Jane E. Ryan and is inspired by true stories. This real life feature film explores the heart breaking affect that Reactive Attachment Disorder has on a young boy (Andy Scott Harris) and his adopted family. The trauma that contributes to RAD is often something that has happened in the first 33 months of life, including the first 9 months in utero. This can be anything that can be described as "disturbing," such as psychological trauma; neglect or abuse; loss of the mother due to death, illness or intervention by social services. There are different degrees of attachment disorders, with reactive attachment disorder on the most severe end.  Read More