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'Veep' Star Anna Chlumsky Talks Hollywood, Humor, and HBO

April 23, 2012

Anna Chlumsky isn't alone. In fact, the actress, best known for her role as the sweet and spunky Veda in the beloved 1991 dramedy My Girl, is surrounded by artists constantly remembered for their former nostalgia-inducing projects. On her new HBO series Veep, Chlumsky, 31, stars alongside the likes of Seinfeld vet Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Arrested Development alum Tony Hale. In pop culture terms, when Veda met Elaine and Buster.

"What I'm realizing is that's almost more the rule than the exception," Chlumsky tells Hollywood.com about being associated with a particular role. "Growing up it was the exception because I was maybe the only one in my school or my circle of friends that had that experience. But now that I know more people in the industry, I am realizing this happens to almost everybody." (Chlumsky — who took a long hiatus from acting to study International Relations at the University of Chicago and explore her options outside of Hollywood — also acknowledges why there is a special love for certain childhood films, "Whenever people are excited about My Girl, I always think if I met the kids from The Neverending Story. I would probably be the same way.") Read More