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Bully’ Film Rating Lowered to PG-13 After Public Pressure

April 06, 2012

The producers of “Bully,” a documentary on the bullying crisis in U.S. schools, claimed what they called a “huge victory” today when the Motion Picture Association of America agreed to lower the film’s rating from R to the less-restrictive PG-13, making it easier for younger audiences to see it.

“Bully” director Lee Hirsch successfully negotiated with the MPAA to keep in a key scene that showed 15-year-old Alex Libby getting viciously harassed on a school bus provided Hirsch remove three ”F-word” references.

“I am excited that kids my age can easily go see the movie now that we have a PG-13 rating,” Libby told “Nightline” in an exclusive interview today. “I hope everyone who’s ever been bullied watches this and knows they’re not alone, and that they can stand up for themselves like I do now.”

The MPAA originally ruled to have “Bully,” a movie about five American students who were horrendously bullied at school, including two students whose tormenting ended in their suicides, rated R, citing the bus scene with Libby and the ”F-word” references as justification for the rating. Read More