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Jaleel White: from Urkel to 'Dancing With the Stars'

April 10, 2012

When Jaleel White first entered prime time, it was 1990 and he was 12. He was brought on to ABC's TGIF comedy "Family Matters" for a onetime guest spot. He ended up stealing the show and enjoyed a celebrated nine-year run as love-struck, nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel. (He also played, at times, Steve's Dixie-fried cousin Myrtle and his super-suave alter ego Stefan Urquelle.)

Now at 35, he's back on ABC competing on "Dancing With the Stars." The show biz climate has grown noticeably nastier in the interim, and White has become a tabloid target, including a rumor of clashing with his dance partner, Kym Johnson. The former child star remains an affable guy with an unquenchable urge to entertain.

Amid "Dancing's" virtually nonstop schedule of rehearsing and performing, he indulged us in an email version of Ten Questions.

Question: You're the son of a dentist. Have you ever had a cavity?

Jaleel White: Yup (insert shame face here).

Q: You did dozens of commercials as a kid. What do you remember from the Pudding Pop ad you did with Bill Cosby when you were 6? Read More

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