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A Minute With: Fred Savage and "Best Friends Forever"

April 04, 2012

In the late 1980s, Fred Savage burst onto U.S. television screens as plucky grade school kid Kevin Arnold in "The Wonder Years" becoming a bona fide star and Emmy award nominee.

Unlike many kids who find stardom early, Savage kept a cool head when it came to fame. He stayed away from Hollywood's party scene, went to Stanford and returned not so much an actor as a director and producer. The kid had matured.

Savage, now 35-years-old, debuts a new TV sitcom, "best friends forever," on Wednesday on NBC telling of a New York woman in her early 30s (Lennon Parham) whose best friend and former roommate (Jessica St. Clair) gets divorced and moves back into their old apartment, which she now shares with her boyfriend (Luka Jones).

Savage, the show's director and executive producer, spoke with Reuters about his new show and life outside the acting spotlight. Read More