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Have questions or need advice?  CIF members can call our permit services department at (800) 902-9001 ext. 102 or email permits@childreninfilm.com for more information. 

Member Networking

Children In Film believes that your entertainment education doesn't stop on the web.  That is why we provide opportunities for face-to-face experiences with industry professionals and the entertainment industry as a whole. 

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The brain child of Children In Film that combines the idea of speed dating with casting and auditions for kids, Ready...Set...Meet! allows Enhanced Members to meet briefly with industry professionals like agents, managers and casting directors.  The RSM is fun, exciting, fast-pased, educational and of course beneficial for launching your career.

Hollywood From Home

Children In Film believes that everyone has a shot at their dream, no matter where they live.  This is why we hold regular Hollywood From Home webinars where we bring in industry professionals to conduct live webinars for our members across the country.  Meet with agents and managers, get tips from acting coaches, or even find out if your head shot is up to par from an expert photographer, all from the comfort of your home.

The Children In Film Speaker Series

Children In Film holds Speaker Series where industry professionals will participate in lectures, workshops and panels regarding the various aspects of your entertainment career. 

Movie Screenings

Children In Film has partnered with major movie studios to provide our members with the chance to attend private film screenings.  Your Enhanced Membership entitles you to tickets to these screenings (2 per membership) which will be centered around films appropriate for the youth audience.

Member Networking Success Studies 


Dylan Sprayberry

We are so excited to announce that long time CIF Member Dylan Sprayberry  will appear as 13 yr. old Clark Kent in the new Superman film Man of Steel, airing June 2013! Dylan and his younger sister Ellery both have extensive resumes.  As an example, Dylan was recently spotted on an episode of Glee.  Carl Sprayberry, Dylan's father, writes blogs for CIF and is a member of our Board of Advisors. CIF recalls when the Sprayberry family was just getting started and is ecstatic for the Sprayberry family with the release of Dylan's newest project.  


Stefanie Scott

Did you know our recent Hollywood From Home guest, Stefanie Scott was a photo contest winner on Children In Film when she was first starting out? Today Stefanie can be seen on Disney's "A.N.T Farm" and in the new movie Frenemies. Her other credits include Universal Picture's Beethoven's Big Break and guest starring in some prime time television shows including "The New Adventures of Old Christine," "Chuck" and "Sons of Tucson."



Jimmy Deshler

Jimmy found representation with Annet McCroskey via CIF months back, but has also taken advantage of Children In Film's Youth Leadership and Giving Back Programs.  He has participated in Toastmasters, Odyssey of the Mind and has volunteered his time for events.  In a letter to CIF, his mother expressed how much Jimmy has grown through our programs: "his grace, confidence, and public speaking abilities have improved immensely!" 



Lucas Sanson

Photo contest winner Lucas Sanson's first National SAG commercial launched this summer and will run for at least 13 weeks!  Lucan is represented by Carol Lynn Sher of CESD.  Congratulations to Lucas on his success.. 


Gerry Orz

For the past 6 months, Gerry has been working on writing, directing, producing and starring in an anti-bullying movie entitled Day of Silence. Gerry would like nothing more than to have his message shared in every school in hopes of raising awareness to stop the epidemic of bullying.  To learn more about Gerry and his film, visit his profile on www.ChildrenInFilm.com and his website www.GerryOrz.com.


Ravi Smith

In January of 2011 Ravi was one of our photo contest winners.  His mother says after that, doors started to open for him! He would go to auditions and even the parents would recognize his face from the CIF contest and monthly newsletters.  In May 2011, he got his first SAG break with a commercial, later that month, he picked up a Manager via a CIF New Talent Notice. His mother is excited to report that last month, Ravi booked a principal role as young Blaine on a Glee episode. It airs April 10th! It has really been one step after another for Ravi and his mom credits CIF for this momentum and continual support. 


Darnell Cates

Darnell and his younger brother have been members of CIF for quite some time.  His mother, an active reader of the site, has assisted heavily in helping them to network within the industry - a key component to launching a successful career. Additionally, Darnell has participated in a variety of giving-back events.

In December of 2011, we saw another example of how Darnell is making connections throughout the industry as he co-hosted a Fox11 LA News segment. Earlier this year, he was asked by The Alliance of Children's Rights to give the opening speech at their 20th Anniversary banquet.  The banquet was filled with celebrity guests, directors and producers.  Jane Lynch of Glee fame introduced Darnell!  He is also very active in the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts Theatre department. These types of experiences will surly help him in furthering his career, especially as he transitions from a child actor to an adult actor.  Darnell has been a photo contest winner on ChildrenInFilm.com - his headshots are excellent examples of the type of shot industry pros look for in new clients.  Darnell is a young man of many talents and is currently studying theater.  He's also participated in a variety of independent film projects, and continues to perfect his craft. We are so proud of the Cates family and their continued success.


Andy Scott Harris

Andy Scott has been with CIF since the beginning and according to his mother, in that time his career has been helped by CIF.  We have even had him speak with other members about his success at one of our Speaker Series live lectures!  He got his previous agent and manager through CIF, and booked a short film through the site. 


Celia Kenney

Celia Kenney joined CIF as a Free Basic Member last year after she landed the roll as Reina, the carb-shunning friend of Matt King's (George Clooney) daughter in the acclaimed movie, The Descendants.  After securing representation in Los Angeles, her family upgraded to the Enhanced Membership and are finding it even more useful.  As her mother stated, "Living in Hawaii we often feel far from "the action" but CIF's Hollywood From Home as well as all the other information makes us believe we don't necessarily have to be right there in LA to be successful."


Alexis Lynne Baumert

Alexis's mother responded to a recent New Talent Notice and signed with CIF's Top Rated Talent Agent Carol Lynn Sher with CESD.  We look forward to seeing Alexis's career blossom

Mandalynn Carlson

Mandalynn and her mother spent some time in LA this past fall with a mission to sign with an LA Manager and to get some great acting classes under her belt.  Not knowing where to start their search for a Manager, they checked out ChildrenInFilm.com on a recommendation and responded to a few New Talent Notices.  After scheduling five meetings, they signed with Myrna Lieberman Management about two weeks later.  Mandalynn's mother told us, "Because we were new to the LA area and this industry,  I was thankful that Children In Film offered this service. I've recommended CIF to other mom's from Michigan -- our home state -- because of all the resources I found helpful on the site. Thank you Children In Film. We solidified a great partnership with Mandalynn's new manager Myrna, thanks to the service that CIF provides."

Niles Fitch

A resident of New York and a member of Children In Film for many years now, Niles Fitch is excited to annouce his debut on the 11/4/11 episode of Tyler Perry's House of Pain airing at 9pm EST on TBS.  After many years of diligence, Nile booked this role, but his journey started many years before.

Niles' mother, Nakata, has been proactive and positive about her son's career commenting that you don't always book and you don't always get callbacks but if you keep informed and keep it fun, you'll eventually see success for your own child.  Nakata attends Hollywood From Home webinars because she and her family can't always been in LA, and she reads the information on the CIF site; she encourages other parents to do the same. 

Check out Niles Fitch's profile here. 

Carlos Martinez

is now listed as an Industry Pro on ChildrenInFilm.com, but he started off many years earlier as a young musician and performer listed in the Talent Directory of the site.  At the age of four, just one year after Carlos lost his sight completely, he began learning to play the piano and keyboard by ear. In highschool he developed a passion for filmmaking and became the first ever blind cinematographer in his highschool's multi media department. His film was chosen to premiere at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for the title of "Best Director."

"All of these accomplishments led me to an idea," he explained. "Why not put my love for movies and music together?"  So Carlos began to compose his own soundtracks.  Here is a link to a piece that is slated to be featured in a new Fox 11 reality series - "Live Life and Win."  Carlos explains that the series is meant to promote education and awareness to adolescents all over the world so that they may accomplish their dreams.

When asked about his experience on Children In Film and why he chose to remain a member long after he turned 18, Carlos had this to say: "I've been a proud member of Children In Film and my experience has been great.  Ever since I turned 18, my transition in to the world of filmmaking has been so much smoother because of the rich resources your site provides. I hope to return the favor."

Alex Neustaedter

A member of CIF for over a year now, Alex Neustaedter started his career in Kansas City.  There, he was able to meet up with now manager, Mara Santino who recommended he join ChildrenInFilm.com. Through Children In Film, and with the help of Mara's expertise as a manager (not to mention Alex's talent and fabulous headshots) Alex was able to sign with Agent Meredith Fine of Coast to Coast.

Today 13 year old Alex's resume is filled with the type of industry experience needed to launch him to the next level.  He has held roles in a variety of theatrical performances, commercials and films including a role he held in a film called "Charlie" for which his mother submitted him via Children In Film's casting section. He also got very close (among the top 4) to landing the part of Young Superman in Superman: Man of SteelWhile his mother humbly commented that "Alex is in the very early stages of success," we think his journey thus far is proof that following the casting process really does pay off.

Savanah Wiltfong

A member of CIF for over two years, Savanah Wiltfong has accomplished many of her goals while living outside of major markets like LA and NYC. In fact, she lives in Alaska where she is an active member of the entertainment community. Savanah attends Alaska film meetings with senators, representatives and local producers, directors and actors to encourage involvement in the industry in their state.

Her newest film, Dear Lemon Lima, released August 2nd, 2011. Last May, she wrapped what was her second feature entitled "Coldwood" before traveling to Russia to attend the Polar Lights Film Festival. 

Ironically, Savanah does NOT have representation, but is actively seeking a representative in the LA market.

Logan Strand

Though Logan Strand's mother submitted his story months ago, it was just too good to pass up for April's Success Study winner.  Check it out:

Hello CIF,
I just wanted to write and say, "Thank You" to Children In Film.  I found your site years ago when you were in the beta phase.  I believe Logan was one of your earliest members.  Through the years, we have found your organization to be the single most helpful and important tool in Logan's success.  Because of this, I thought all of you at Children In Film would enjoy hearing about Logan's latest achievement.

We were informed last September 29th that Logan was invited to join the cast of the 2010 Radio City Christmas Spectacular, starring the world-famous Radio City Rockettes and appear in the principal role of Ben.  Logan and I moved to New York City in October where he began rehearsals. This is a HUGE honor and opportunity for Logan.

The Christmas Spectacular opened many doors for Logan. He recently auditioned for Broadway's Mary Poppins and was called back. He also auditioned for the role of "Michael" in Billy Elliot, was called back, and a private meeting with the creative team has been arranged. We are keeping our fingers crossed!!

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the kids and parents working hard to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  Your support is invaluable! And THANK YOU for the webinar on Child Actor Taxes - it saved us! ~Diane Strand

Dharbi Jens

Dharbi Jens attended a few CIF movie screenings with her mother Kristi before coming up with the idea to host "movie reviews" from a kids POV.  She caught up with The Actor's Reporter and pitched the idea.  Among many successes since trying her hand at Hollywood, Dharbi now hosts The Actor's Reporter Film Reviews.

Isaiah Morgan

Isaiah Morgan recently booked his agent, Melissa Shoenecker at The Brogan Agency through ChildrenInFilm.com.  He has also booked three jobs through Children In Film, two of which were for a DVD series called "Your Child Can Read."  Producer Harry Ralston at Productive Playhouse loved having Isaiah on set the first time around, so he called him back for a second shoot half a  year later - this time with a speaking role!  Isaiah also booked a music video entitled "Daydream" for artist Zach LaLiberte which will be screening at the SENE Film, Music and Arts Festival in Rhode Island. 

Is your child's success story so great it should be studied?  Contact CIF today with the details of how Children In Film helped your family on its path to success, and next month, maybe you'll be the winner!

The Children In Film Festival

Children In Film is working hard to develop a Children In Film Festival, a film festival dedicated to child actors and films that feature child actors.  The Children In Film Festival will serve as a reminder for why we are involved in Showbiz - a love for the art!  For more information regarding the film festival, please contact us.
  Photo Contest Winner - Sydnee Mansfield

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