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Pursing a career in entertainment isn't cheap.  But for just $16.99 per month, Enhanced Membership with CIF will actually save you time and money. 

Where you would normally spend hundreds of dollars each month on printed headshots, mailing costs, resource books, casting websites, movie/event tickets and more, eliminates these costs and the headache. 

Here's How:

The Question

The Old Way

“do it yourself”

Average Cost/mo

The New Way

“CIF Membership”

Yearly CIF Savings

How do I learn how to launch my child's career in entertainment?

Research the market with books

Based on: 1 book per month.  Pricing from –ex. “Acting for Young Actors” = $11.50 

Find/Attend events and workshops 

Based on: 1 workshop per month.  Pricing from Actorfest  Workshop = $30.00 each

$  11.53
Avg. Cost


$  30.00
Avg. Cost

Learn NOW, online with our KidStart program

Attend our FREE monthly speaker series.  Plus receive discounts to attend industry events.

Savings on CIF


Savings on CIF

How can I find representation?




Research Children’s Agents 
and snail mail 100-headshots

  • Make calls . . .
  • Print headshots . . .
  • Resume Duplication . .
  •  Buy mailing labels .
  • 9 x 12 Envelopes . . .
  • Postage . . .
  • Cover Letters  . . .

Based on price for 160 mailing labels from and 100 pieces of  USPS mailing supplies and postage.

Get a referral
from a friend 


Time is $

$  86.60

$    9.74

$  20.00

$    6.81


$    9.74



Communicate instantly online 

Send your child’s headshot and resume TODAY to rated and recommended industry pros specializing in children, nationwide


CIF automatically notifies you of any agent or manager open calls for new talent

Search our member database for Talent Representatives

Get recommendations from other CIF members 

Two mailings

per year is a


Savings on CIF








How do I know who I can trust?

Ask everyone you know for recommendations


Post questions in Forums or on Yahoo Answers and get answers from anonymous individuals

Trust your instincts, take chances and learn as you go

Protect personal information

get a *PO box and voicemail 

*based on USPS standard L.A. PO box costs

$   0.00
(but time is money)





 $   7.16
Avg. Cost

Search and immediately find member rated and recommended industry Pros on CIF

Communicate with known and named parents and industry pros in our member forum 

Send messages through your private CIF mailbox without compromising any personal information







$  85.92
Savings on CIF

How do I find reputable acting coaches, classes and headshot photographers who specialize in child actors?

Get a referral list from a talent agency or talent manager if you have one

Purchase a resource directory*

*based on purchasing one resource directory from

Spend hours surfing the net

Go with the guy you met at the mall that said “your kid should be on TV”! 

$   0.00

$ 20.00

Avg. Cost

Time is $

Could cost $1,000’s

Search CIF’s nationwide database of professionals who specialize in child actors

rated and recommended services providers on CIF




Savings on CIF

How can I stay informed about industry people, trends & events?

Subscribe to trade magazines like Backstage, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, etc.
 *based on 1-year Variety Subscription

$  20.93

Avg. Cost


Get weekly child actor specific news and event updates direct to your inbox/email


Savings on CIF


How can I expose my child to the art?

Go to the movies, theater and other related events

*based on, 7PM showing

 $     8.50
Child Ticket

 $   10.75
Adult Ticket
Avg. Cost

Regularly receive FREE passes to movie screenings, and discounts on industry events

$  19.25
Savings on CIF


Where do I get a Blocked Trust account?

Find and study the law

Ask your agent for suggestions




Ask your bank if they know what a minor blocked trust or "coogan" account is and if they can open one for you.  Compare their rates & products to other banks.



Time is $





Get the FAQ’s about 
California's Coogan Law Today on CIF

Search rated and recommended Search Blocked Trust account providers
on CIF Today

** Bonus! 
Enhanced members automatically qualify for membership in the AFTRA SAG FCU
regardless of their
union status














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Minimum Savings in the first year of membership


Why take chances with your child’s entertainment career?  

Everything and Everyone you need to know is available, NOW, at
for just $16.99 per month!

Still not convinced?   Consider this,

·         $16.99 per month is less than the price of a trip to the movies
·         Additionally, CIF offers talent castings every month.  Ten casting submissions on Actor's Access would cost $20.00 per month.  With CIF Membership, you can make unlimited submissions at no additional charge
·         Go Green - CIF Members currently save 12 trees per month by using online publications and services
·         A percentage of CIF's gross member fees are donated to children's charities