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Mike Breslin

Father of Spencer and Abigail Breslin

Mike and Kim Breslin were living in New York City with their two children, Ryan and Spencer when, at the age of three, Spencer was discovered by a talent manager at a local playground. Soon after Spencer booked commercials for McDonalds and Life cereal.

The young addition to the family, Abigail Breslin also started in commercials, booking Toys “R” Us and some PSA’s before landing a role opposite her brother in the film Raising Helen, starring Kate Hudson. Probably best known for her role playing Olive in Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007.

While Spencer’s playground discovery allowed the Breslin kids to skip the initial years of unsuccessful auditions, helping their children pursue acting careers has been nothing short of a challenge. Kim manages the kids’ careers, while Mike continues a career in computer consulting, but both are active in their children’s work. Through the scripts and schoolbooks, the travel and long set days, Kim and Mike have managed to keep their children grounded while encouraging them to reach for the stars.
  Spencer Breslin - Success Story

On Making it in Show Biz:

Abigail Breslin - Success StoryCIF:  Who was your first Talent Agent? 
Mike:  When Spencer was first discovered, we only had a talent manager.  We’re now co-rep’d by Kenny Goodman at Wm Morris and Meredith Fine at Coast to Coast.

CIF:  Did you have to go on a lot of auditions at first?
Mike:  We were lucky.  Spencer only went on one or two initially.  He was booked immediately. Abigail did the same.
CIF:  What would you consider their first big break?
Mike:  ‘Signs’ with Mel Gibson was the big break for Abigail. She’d done some guest spots before that, but Signs was a big deal.  For Spencer it was Disney’s The Kid with Bruce Willis.

On Parenting a Show Biz Kid:

CIF:  What’s the hardest part about being the parent’s of a child star?
Mike:  For me it’s logistics. While Kim is usually on set with them, when they’re both working, I need to be there too.  Fortunately I’m a consultant so I’m there with my Laptop, PDA and everything else – it’s what I do.  You’ve got to be there with them.

CIF:  How do you keep your children grounded? Do your kids still “do chores”, go to “church or temple”, “eat their vegetables”?
Mike:  You just have to stay with them through it all.  They do all the things any kid does, take out the garbage, walk the dog.  Acting is their passion, but at home it’s about family.

On Education:

CIF:  Is it hard to keep a work/school balance?
Mike:  They have a tutor on set, so it’s built in to the schedule.  And when they’re off set, we home school them ourselves.

On Children In Film:

CIF:  What is your current relationship with Children in Film . . . have they been a good resource for you?
Mike:  Initially we were recommended to Children in Film to help us facilitate work permits for the kids.  We like using CIF since we’re not always in town.  They do a great job.