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Have questions or need advice?  CIF members can call our permit services department at (800) 902-9001 ext. 102 or email permits@childreninfilm.com for more information. 

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Trisha Noble, Director of Permit Services
In this industry, it is a well-known fact that if you have a special skill or talent, you should share it with the world.  Trisha Noble happens to be a talented “permit expert” and we aren’t afraid to say that she’s the best around.

Trisha has been working with Children In Film, Inc. for over five years providing our customers with quality service and the information they need to get started in the industry.  While obtaining work permits can be a grueling task, Trisha has a track record for fast and friendly service when you need it most.  Her ability to efficiently obtain permits has not only been an asset to our clients, but has had a positive impact on the success of Children in Film as a whole. Trisha has assisted in obtaining permits for rising stars like Spencer and Abigail Breslin, Kiki Palmer and Taylor Swift.  In addition, productions such as American Idol, Knocked Up, and America’s Most Talented Kids turn to Trisha’s permit services to expedite an otherwise tedious process.

A native to Los Angeles, Trisha graduated from Brooks College with a degree in Design and Merchandising.  But perhaps her real permit training began when she dedicated five years to working for a company that expedited commercial building permits on a nationwide level.

While Trisha spends her days with the technical aspect of labor law and permit acquisitions, she too has an eye for the creative.  Trisha enjoys, and has taken on the exciting task of decorating her and her fiancé’s new downtown loft!