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Toni Casala, President
Behind every great company there is an individual with great wisdom built from experience, insight into what is possible, and passion for an idea that yearns to become a reality. For Children In Film, Inc., that person is Toni Casala.

An entrepreneur at heart, Toni dreamed of her own agency and opened Casala, Ltd. in 1994. A niche agency for Studio Teachers, Casala, Ltd thrived and a decade later positioned Toni as one of Hollywood’s leading authorities on California Child Labor Law. But Toni saw a need for more and thus ChildrenInFilm.com was born. Initially CIF was created to provide labor law information and work permit services, but has since evolved into an entire resource and networking site for parents of talent as well as industry professionals.

Toni came to Hollywood from Boulder, CO in 1987 to do “anything in the film industry.” After several years as an agent representing below-the-line talent like studio teachers, makeup artists and photographers, Toni moved to Media Artists Group setting her sights “above-the-line” and soon after started Casala, Ltd.. Since then, Toni has provided professional services and legal expertise to The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Fox Broadcasting, Mattel Toys and many more. Over the years, her office has provided on set education and/or permit services for celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Hillary Duff, and Milla Jovovich, Abigail & Spencer Breslin, Kiki Palmer, David Archuletta, Demi Lovato and many more.

In addition, Toni served as Associate Producer on the feature film “Baggage” starring Mariette Hartley and M. Emmet Walsh. She also serves as Producer for McLefty Productions and the "Uncle Moondog" series of animated short films.

For the last 14 years, Toni has been the driving force behind Children in Film, Inc. helping to shape the strategic vision and ensuring the evolution and success of the company. However, it is perhaps her most challenging role as a foster parent that makes her proudest.