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Heather Broeker, Director of Marketing
The University of North Carolina’s Hollywood Internship program encourages students to take their skills and put them to use in the industry.  So it isn’t surprising that when Heather Broeker moved to Los Angeles after graduation, she sought positions that allowed her to combine both her production and writing skills.

As Marketing Director for Children In Film, Inc., Heather helped to launch the interactive website and continues to be the driving force behind our marketing efforts.  Providing up-to-date information about the entertainment industry and new ways for site users to help their children succeed is her top priority.

Heather landed her first job in 2004 at Fox Searchlight working to promote films like Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite and Garden State and then later moved on to work on such shows as KCal 9’s “9 on the Town” and Fox Reality’s “Reality Remix.”  However, her desire to further pursue her passion for writing led her to New York City where she worked as Marketing Director for Sales Graphics, a company that supports clients like Vanity Fair, CBS and DoubleClick. 

As Marketing Director for Children in Film she is able to combine her love for writing and marketing with her love for the entertainment industry, but returning to Los Angeles has also allowed her to pursue her other loves: hiking, skiing, surfing and adventures in the great outdoors!