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Marie Rogers, Actress & Teacher
Marie is a 4th generation Angelino.  Her involvement in entertainment harks back to family members who dabbled in the industry:  a father who swam as an extra in Tarzan movies and a grandmother who was a professional seamstress designing gowns for the likes of Peggy Lee and Lena Horne.  

Marie began her career in education teaching Spanish, French and English as a Second Language at Marshall High School in 1980.  Her studio-teaching career started in 1986 during the midst of L.A. Unified teacher strikes.  Her first jobs consisted mainly of commercials and music videos, but soon included placement on feature films, TV series and live theater.  Marie has been the lead teacher at the L.A. Opera for 17 years.  

Perhaps because of her travel compunction, she continues the study of languages, recently adding Japanese as a major interest.  An avid runner, Marie has completed more than 22 marathons and is training for her first 50-mile ultra-marathon.