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Carl Sprayberry, Visionary Father
The Sprayberry’s commercial and film life began in Houston, Texas when their now nine-year-old son Dylan, was just a toddler.  An agent approached them with the idea of starting a commercial career; now seven years and five agents later they reside in Studio City, CA.

After much discussion and persuasion, the Sprayberry’s headed west in January of 2006 and, like many parents of child actors, landed at The Oakwood Corporate Apartments in Toluca Lake.  

With support from friends and their own personal conviction, they stayed the tiring course to success, and four months later signed on with an outstanding management team and agency.

It didn’t take the Sprayberry’s long to realize that to be successful they would need Hollywood to embrace their new and very green family from Houston. Their winning game plan was simple: be genuine, honest, respect the industry, learn the process with great urgency, and listen.

As they began their auditioning they found it valuable to establish a game plan for each audition, so Carl came up with the following: always be punctual, prepared and polite. They call these the three P’s. The idea of the three P’s would keep the Sprayberry family focused on maintaining consistency at each audition and soon became a useful tool for teaching Dylan & Ellery a form of Industry respect.

The Sprayberrys managed to win the respect and confidence of their Agency and Managers by following the 3 P’s and most importantly, by listening to them with genuine ears, following their lead and asking smart and well-timed questions.

A year and a half after their move, the Sprayberrys have seen monumental progress, but they are also aware that they have much to learn as they aspire to attain balanced success.

Their two little actors continue to work on their craft as they grow and progress. The Sprayberrys give their children tons of love, respect & support - key ingredients for successful young actors.

“It is with pleasure and admiration of this fascinating Industry that we pursue what we believe is our children’s calling.” ~ Carl Sprayberry