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Annet McCroskey, Talent Manager
Annet McCroskey is a married mother of two great boys and has a teaching background from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California.

In 1996 she helped develop the Kumeyaay Cultural Summer Program “Heyaay Coome Kooknumch” (The elders long ago tell our stories) for children on the Viejas Indian Reservation in San Diego County, which is still going strong today.

She began her career in the entertainment business at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles (Alumni of Strasberg included Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Sally Filed and Angelina Jolie among others). While studying at Strasberg she became the Assistant Director For The Young Peoples’ Program there under the fine guidance of Kerry Muir and Jeff Alan-Lee who taught young actors such as Shia LeBeuf and Scarlett Johansson She continued teaching with Jeff when he opened Class Act-The Young Actors Studio In North Hollywood.

Annet learned the business from the ground up at Neverland Films as the Assistant to the Executive Producers during the development and making of Palmetto starring Woody Harrelson and directed by Academy Award Winner Volker Schloendorff. In 2003 she started The Studio for Young Actors. After having taught many talented young actors she wanted to be able to guide their careers more closely and closed her acting studio to concentrate on management and opened Little Stars Management. As her clients grew up and were not that “little” anymore and expanding her teen and young adult roster, she changed the company name to Artistic Endeavors in 2007.

Her clients had major roles alongside Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Demi Moore, Leonardo De Carpio, Nick Cannon, Amanda Seyfried, Justin Timberlake etc and have been on almost every major TV network from ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, CBS to Disney Nickelodeon and HBO etc. as well as Academy Award winning films to Indy favorites at Cannes and Sundance Film Festival.

Annet McCroskey is a very hands-on manager, guiding young talent in every aspect of the entertainment industry from getting headshots, referral to some great agents and coaches, to appearances on set, red carpets and everything in between and beyond. She works very closely with some of the very top agencies and casting directors in the industry. She loves developing the career of the young actor from the start with long-term goals - always keeping the best interest of the child in mind. She feels lucky to be able to combine her love for teaching and the business side by becoming a Personal Manager for talented kids, teens and young adults. Most of her clients who started as child actors have grown into very well adjusted young adults and many ended up attending prestigious universities.

She strongly believes in education and paying it forward and strongly encourages her clients to continue their education and be involved in charity work and in giving actively back to their communities.

Annet served two terms as the Treasurer of the esteemed Talent Managers Association www.talentmanagers.org – a non-profit trade organization which stands for ethics in the field of talent management and was founded in 1954. In 2011 she was elected as the First Vice President and is actively involved on the Board of Directors and the Heller Awards Committee. She is the manager representative on the Board of Advisors on Children In Film (www.childreninfilm.org) a truly amazing organization that educates and show child actors and their parents how to navigate showbiz in a very safe and productive manner and connecting them with reputable people in the industry.