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09.12.18:: Your Child's Money Read more
08.08.18:: Outfit Suggestions for Casting Calls and Agent/Manager Interviews Read more
07.25.18:: Types of Talent Agents for your Child Actor Read more
07.11.18:: Becoming an Extra! Read more
06.27.18:: Which Talent Agent is right for your child? Read more
06.13.18:: The Truth About Casting Read more
05.23.18:: 3 Steps for Branding your Child’s Talent Read more
05.09.18:: Breaking into Film Read more
04.25.18:: The Facts About School On Set Read more
04.11.18:: Three Reasons You Might be Struggling to Secure Representation Read more
03.28.18:: What Not to Do at a Casting Call Read more
03.14.18:: Interviewing an Agent Read more
02.28.18:: Choosing Your Acting Coaches and Classes Read more
02.07.18:: What Is an Agency Looking for When Interviewing an Actor? Read more
01.31.18:: 5 Ways to Ensure Continued Career Success Read more
01.24.18:: Selecting an Acting Coach: The Professionals' Viewpoints Read more
01.10.18:: Planning Your Wardrobe Read more
01.03.18:: Auditioning Tips Read more
12.27.17:: Recognizing Child Actors This Award Season; Golden Globe Nominees Read more
12.06.17:: Have You Considered Voiceovers? Read more
11.29.17:: Managers vs. Agents Read more
11.15.17:: Are You Ready for Pilot Season? Read more
11.01.17:: Dissecting Pilot Season Read more
10.25.17:: Is it Possible to Work Outside of Hollywood? Read more
10.18.17:: Following the Casting Path Read more
10.04.17:: 8 Tips to Make an Awesome Audition Tape Read more
09.26.17:: State of Georgia Proposing New Policies for Child Performers Read more
09.20.17:: Breaking Into Modeling Read more
09.07.17:: Congresswoman Proposes FEDERAL Regulations for Child Performers Read more
09.06.17:: The Psychology Behind Fame Read more
09.06.17:: And the Nominees are.... Read more
08.30.17:: School on Set Read more
08.29.17:: How Do Teenage Stars Get Discovered These Days? Read more
08.23.17:: Why We Crave Fame Read more
08.16.17:: School's Back In Session: Are You Prepared? Read more
08.02.17:: Watch Finn Wolfhard from ‘Stranger Things’ rock out onstage with SWMRS Read more
08.02.17:: Prepping for a Call Back Read more
07.26.17:: Lose the Accent Read more
07.19.17:: An Out-of-Towner's Guide to 'Making it' as a Paid Performer Read more
07.05.17:: From Hometown To Tinseltown Read more
06.28.17:: Managing Your Child Read more
06.21.17:: Why Follow the Casting Process? Read more
06.07.17:: What is "Earnership"? Read more
05.31.17:: 5 Essential Documents Every Child Performer Needs Read more
05.24.17:: Résumés: Prepare for Success Read more
05.17.17:: Recovering From a Bad Audition Read more
05.03.17:: How to Spot a Scam Read more
04.26.17:: Switching Representation? Read more
04.19.17:: What Kind of Performer Are You? Read more
04.05.17:: How Do I Get My Child on Television? Read more
03.29.17:: 5 Reasons Your Headshot May Be Getting Passed Over Read more
03.22.17:: Set Etiquette and Following Directions Read more
03.08.17:: Headshots 101 Read more
03.01.17:: 5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Manager Read more
02.15.17:: Acting is YOUR Business! Read more
02.01.17:: Tax Season for the Working Child Actor Read more
01.18.17:: 4 Tricks for Memorizing Lines Read more
01.04.17:: Are You and Your Child Prepared for Pilot Season? Read more
12.07.16:: Unclaimed Coogan Trust Money Read more
11.23.16:: Launching Your Child’s Talent Career Read more
10.19.16:: Defining Success Read more
09.21.16:: Understanding the Casting Process Read more
09.07.16:: The Ins and Outs of Graduated Minors: PART 2 Read more
08.31.16:: The Ins and Outs of Graduated Minors: PART 1 Read more
08.17.16:: Preparing Your Young Performer For Educational Success Read more
08.03.16:: Part 2: When to Travel to Los Angeles Read more
07.27.16:: Part 1: Finding Work from Your Hometown Read more
07.20.16:: Securing Representation Read more
06.22.16:: Fearlessness Read more
05.18.16:: Are You Willing? Read more
03.23.16:: Help Your Child Book the Job Read more
03.05.16:: Finding Representation Read more
02.24.16:: And the Nominees are....... Read more
01.27.16:: The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Read more
01.20.16:: 31st Annual Artios Awards Read more
12.30.15:: Recognizing Child Actors This Award Season; Golden Globe Nominees Read more
12.23.15:: Are You On Top of Your Game? Read more
12.02.15:: Spotlight On: Max Charles Read more
11.25.15:: Spotlight On: Jaeden Lieberher Read more
11.18.15:: The Nerves! Read more
10.28.15:: Is it Action or Intention? Read more
10.21.15:: Actor Unions Read more
08.26.15:: No Boundaries, No Rules Read more
08.05.15:: CIF Success: Stefanie Scott Read more
07.29.15:: Doing Voiceovers Read more
07.22.15:: CIF Success: Sark Asadourian Read more
07.10.15:: Do You Know Who Your Studio Teachers Are? Read more
07.01.15:: Landing Your Intention Read more
07.01.15:: CIF Success: Dharbi Jens Read more
06.24.15:: CIF Success: Saxon Sharbino Read more
06.17.15:: Spotlight On: Ty Simpkin Read more
06.03.15:: Avoiding Hollywood Scams Read more
06.03.15:: CIF Success: Riley Beres Read more
05.20.15:: Interview with Talent Manager Annet McCroskey Read more
05.20.15:: Spotlight On: Britt Robertson Read more
05.13.15:: CIF Success: Eden Estrella Read more
05.06.15:: Spotlight On: Reese Witherspoon Read more
04.29.15:: Spotlight On: Robert Downey Jr. Read more
04.22.15:: Full House Reunion! Read more
04.15.15:: Spotlight On: Keira Knightley Read more
04.08.15:: Spotlight On: Scarlett Johansson Read more
04.01.15:: The Permit Professionals Read more
04.01.15:: Spotlight On: Maxim Knight Read more
03.25.15:: Spotlight On: 2015 Oscar Nominee, Laura Dern Read more
03.18.15:: Shailene Woodley: Balancing Stardom with Commitment Read more
03.11.15:: Spotlight On: Mae Whitman Read more
03.04.15:: The 9 Questions of Intentional Acting Read more
03.01.15:: Former Child Actor Josh Hutcherson's New Direction Read more
03.01.15:: Former Child Actor Josh Hutcherson's New Direction Read more
02.25.15:: Why It Isn’t About “Getting it Right” Read more
02.18.15:: Intentional Acting Tips: Are you Holding Back? Read more
02.18.15:: Oscar Nominee: Felicity Jones Read more
02.11.15:: Oscar Nominee: Ethan Hawke Read more
02.04.15:: Spotlight On: Oscar Nominee, Eddie Redmayne Read more
01.28.15:: The Kids of American Sniper (2014) Read more
01.07.15:: Why is Peter Pan a Girl? Read more
01.06.15:: Enhanced Member Rosanna Foss Gives Back Read more
12.10.14:: 'Boyhood' Receives Honors Read more
12.02.14:: Bombshell Documentary: An Open Secret Read more
12.02.14:: Spotlight on Rosanna Foss Read more
11.25.14:: BAFTA Kids' Vote Read more
11.19.14:: Dumb and Dumber to's...Brady Bluhm Read more
10.15.14:: Protecting Your Child Actor in California Read more
10.01.14:: Life is Stressful, Laughter is Good and the Mission Needs YOUR Support! Read more
09.24.14:: What You Need to Know About Actor Unions Read more
09.22.14:: Sony to Reboot ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Read more
09.03.14:: What NOT to do at a Casting Call Read more
09.02.14:: 7 Child Actors Who Turned To Music Read more
08.25.14:: From Child Actor To Emmy Nominee Read more
08.19.14:: 5 Ways Children In Film Launches Entertainment Careers Read more
08.13.14:: Three Reasons You Might be Struggling to Secure Representation Read more
08.12.14:: Mrs Doubtfire And Hook Child Stars Remember Actor Read more
08.06.14:: JUST RELEASED! Variety’s Youth Impact Report Read more
07.30.14:: Red Band Society TV series Debuts this Fall Read more
07.16.14:: The Permit Professionals Read more
07.02.14:: The Talent Convention Controversy: Parents and Industry Pros Debate Read more
07.01.14:: Demi Lovato's New Teaser for Her "Really Don't Care" Video Read more
06.03.14:: CIF Members Make a Film of Their Own! Read more
06.02.14:: Daniel Radcliffe Speeding to ‘You Shall Know Our Velocity’ Read more
05.28.14:: Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz to Star in "Clouds of Sils Maria Read more
05.21.14:: Candace Cameron Bure on the DTWS Results Read more
05.21.14:: Who Loves Studio Teachers? WE DO! Read more
05.07.14:: Peter Pan Cast for Warner Bros.'Pan' Read more
05.06.14:: A Top Agent's View on Resumes Read more
04.21.14:: How "Stranger Danger" Hurts Kids - "Stranger Safety" Empowers Kids Read more
04.21.14:: Membership in CIF - Your Lifeline Read more
04.16.14:: Child Actor Gone Right: Spotlight on Candace Cameron Bure Read more
04.15.14:: Leonardo DiCaprio Sets ‘The Revenant’ as Next Pic Read more
04.09.14:: Mickey Rooney (1920-2014) Read more
04.02.14:: Child Actor Gone Right: Spotlight on Danica McKellar Read more
04.01.14:: Request Stefanie Scott’s “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go” On Radio Disney Read more
03.26.14:: The Three M's Read more
03.24.14:: Victoria Justice to Star in Indie Rom-Com 'Naomi + Ely's No Kiss List' Read more
03.18.14:: Cody Simpson on Dancing With the Stars Read more
03.13.14:: Jason Bateman Makes Movie Directing Debut Read more
03.07.14:: Child Actor, 'Champion of Labor,' Sheila Kuehl's Next Challenge: LA County Government Read more
03.05.14:: In the Spotlight: Academy Award Nominee Jennifer Lawrence Read more
03.04.14:: Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron Bure Join DWTS Read more
02.25.14:: In the Spotlight: Academy Award Nominee Leonardo DiCaprio Read more
02.19.14:: Pilot Season 2014: Is this the Year for Your Child? Read more
02.19.14:: 'Flowers in the Attic' sequel gets new Cathy: Rose McIver Read more
02.19.14:: Haley Joel Osment Lands ‘Entourage’ Role Read more
02.17.14:: Jack Black’s ‘Goosebumps’ Adds ‘Lost’ Actor Read more
02.13.14:: Patty Duke remembers Shirley Temple Read more
02.05.14:: In the Spotlight: Academy Award Nominee Christian Bale Read more
02.04.14:: Tracey Gold Will Speak At This Year's "Women's Power Lunch" Read more
01.20.14:: Child Singing Star Jackie Evancho Balances School, Career Read more
01.17.14:: Children In Film, Inc. and Big Apple Tutoring, LLC Form New York Studio Teacher’s Association Read more
01.17.14:: Former Child Star Debuts Storytelling Night Read more
01.15.14:: Get to know Critics' Choice Awards Best Young Actor/Actress Nominees Read more
01.15.14:: Former Child Star, Blake McIver Set for LA's Don't Tell Mama on January 16 Read more
01.14.14:: Are You the Next MasterChef Junior? Read more
01.08.14:: Young Leonardo DiCaprio Showed A Lot Of Acting Range Read more
01.03.14:: Meet Mara Wilson Read more
12.31.13:: Casting Director Jen Rudin Offers Audition Advice for Stagestruck Kids (and Their Parents) Read more
12.27.13:: Film Review: ‘Justin Bieber’s Believe’ Read more
12.24.13:: Fund This Film: Sundance Selected ‘Obvious Child’ Read more
12.23.13:: Meet G Hannelius, The Coolest Young Disney Star You May Not Have Heard Of Read more
12.20.13:: 'Drake and Josh' Star Joins ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast, Miranda Cosgrove Gets New NBC Show Read more
12.20.13:: 'Mary Poppins' Child Actress Dishes on Experience Read more
12.20.13:: Ralphie All Grown Up: A Christmas Story's Child Star Opens Up Read more
12.16.13:: Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Talks To Star In Adaptation Of Neil Gaiman's Sandman Read more
12.10.13:: Lil' Miss Sunshine Abigail Breslin May Be Your Next Fave Rock Star Read more
12.10.13:: Neil Patrick Harris in Title Role of Hedwig Read more
12.06.13:: Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint up for WhatsOn Stage awards Read more
12.05.13:: Daniel Radcliffe Grows Up in ‘Kill Your Darlings' Read more
12.04.13:: Jackie Evancho, the Young Star From ‘America’s Got Talent’ Read more
12.04.13:: Child with Local Ties to Star on NBC's Live 'Sound of Music' Read more
12.03.13:: Mara Wilson Doesn't Mind Being An Internet Sensation Read more
11.29.13:: Kurt Russell Learned Life Lessons About Hollywood from Walt Disney Read more
11.27.13:: 7 Gifts to Give Your Young Actor This Holiday Season Read more
11.26.13:: The List: Top 10 Former Child Stars Read more
11.25.13:: Michelle Obama Honors Chicago Storycatchers Theatre Actors Read more
11.22.13:: 3 Ways to Get Your Child Actor Ready for the New Year Read more
11.21.13:: ‘Mary Poppins’ Child Star Finally Sees Entire Film — 50 Years Later Read more
11.20.13:: Showbiz Analysis with Lost in Space’s Bill Mumy Read more
11.18.13:: Q&A: Catching Fire Star Josh Hutcherson Read more
11.13.13:: Film Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Read more
11.13.13:: 'Sixth Sense' Star Haley Joel Osment in 'Alpha House' Clip Read more
11.13.13:: Step by Step’s Christine Lakin on Life as a Former Child Star Read more
11.12.13:: Travis Tope Might be the Hottest Actor You've Never Heard of Read more
11.12.13:: Radcliffe Excited About the Next Stage of his Career Read more
11.06.13:: Selena Gomez Shoots for the 'Stars' Read more
11.06.13:: Young Actors Grow Up in ‘Little Women’ Read more
11.01.13:: 'Harry Potter' Actor Daniel Radcliffe to Play Sebastian Coe in Film Read more
10.30.13:: For Former Child Star Butch Patrick, a Halloween Dash Through New York Read more
10.30.13:: Where Is Andy from "Child's Play" Now? Read more
10.30.13:: ‘Bad Grandpa,’ Worse Grandkid: Meet the 9-Year-Old Who Outfunnies Knoxville Read more
10.28.13:: Daniel Radcliffe: I’m ‘too old’ to Play Harry Potter Read more
10.23.13:: 'Looper' Breakout Cast as Halle Berry's Son in CBS' 'Extant' Read more
10.22.13:: Haley Joel Osment - Haley Joel Osment Returning To The Big Screen Read more
10.22.13:: New York Sets Work Rules for Young Models Read more
10.18.13:: Why Child Actors Are Not Exploited By Their Representation Read more
10.17.13:: Daniel Radcliffe Reprising Role as Harry Potter in J.K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?' Read more
10.14.13:: Ty Simpkins Lands Lead In ‘Jurassic World’ Read more
10.02.13:: Entertainment Nickelodeon Gets Into Radio With Clear Channel Read more
09.30.13:: Watch Debut Short Films Directed by Former Child Actors Read more
09.30.13:: Joseph Gordon-Levitt: An Origin Story Read more
09.30.13:: A Look at One of our Best Director's Best Movies Read more
09.27.13:: James Franco Just Wants to Be Loved Read more
09.27.13:: Candace Cameron Bure, 'Full House' Gang Hang out at Charity Event Read more
09.16.13:: Gabby Douglas Getting the Lifetime Biopic Treatment Read more
09.13.13:: 7 Tips For Parents of Young Performers Read more
09.13.13:: Butch Patrick talks Eddie Munster Read more
09.11.13:: Spending Summer with Young Actors from the Fayetteville Region Read more
09.10.13:: Radcliffe: My Fans Grew Up With Me Read more
09.09.13:: Jason Bateman: First Time-Director, Toronto Hit Read more
09.04.13:: Emma Watson Named British GQ Woman of the Year Read more
08.27.13:: AnnaSophia Robb: Sarah Jessica Parker Wished me Luck Read more
08.26.13:: 20 Rules for Young Actors and Their Parents to Live By Read more
08.22.13:: Ben Affleck Is the New Batman Read more
08.20.13:: Demi Lovato to Join ‘Glee’ Read more
08.16.13:: Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas Reunite at L.A. Premier Read more
08.15.13:: Child Actor Gets Parents Hooked on Film Read more
08.14.13:: Why New York Is Better Than L.A. for Child Stage Actors Read more
08.14.13:: Selena Gomez: You Are the Company You Keep Read more
08.13.13:: 'Kick-Ass 2' Star Chloe Grace Moretz has Grown Up Read more
08.07.13:: 10 Young Actors With The Potential To Be All-Time Greats Read more
08.02.13:: Selena Gomez Nabs a Pair of Young Hollywood Awards Read more
08.01.13:: 2013 Young Hollywood Awards Read more
07.29.13:: Selena Gomez Nabs a Pair of Young Hollywood Awards Read more
07.26.13:: 'A.N.T. Farm' Actress Says Tween Stars Tour Connects with Young Fans Read more
07.25.13:: Abigail Breslin for Project Sunshine: Variety Power of Youth Honoree Read more
07.24.13:: Hollywood Kids: How Do Young Actors Deal With Sexy, Violent Roles? Read more
07.18.13:: Bailee Madison Joins ABC’s ‘Trophy Wife’ Read more
07.17.13:: Dakota Fanning Moving Beyond Child Actress Years Read more
07.15.13:: What Do You Do When Your Child Wants To Act? Read more
07.15.13:: 'Harry Potter' Actor in Negotiations for Ron Howard's 'In the Heart of the Sea' Read more
07.09.13:: Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffmann on Why They Started Acting Read more
07.03.13:: 10 Actors You Never Knew Were Child Stars Read more
07.03.13:: 'World War Z' star Fabrizio Guido joins NBC's 'Welcome to the Family' Read more
07.03.13:: A "Matilda" Reunion Read more
06.25.13:: Alyssa Milano: Talent Helps Child Stars Stay on Track Read more
06.24.13:: 11 Top Child Stars Who Transitioned From TV To The A-List Read more
06.24.13:: Child actress, Bailee Madison, Raises Money for Charity Read more
06.04.13:: There’s Hope for Former Child Stars, say Fred Savage Read more
06.04.13:: Jonathan Lipnicki: 'I Almost Wasn't the Jerry Maguire Kid' Read more
05.31.13:: Broadway Babies Read more
05.20.13:: Jennifer Connelly: I wish I’d Laughed More... Read more
05.17.13:: Celebs Who Went Back to College After Becoming Famous Read more
05.15.13:: Variety TV Pilots/Development Scorecard! Read more
05.09.13:: The Kids Are Allright: Child Actors are Enjoying a Golden Age in Hollywood Read more
05.08.13:: ‘Iron Man 3' Breakout Star Ty Simpkins Read more
05.03.13:: Haley Joel Osment To Co-Star in ‘Spoils Of Babylon’ Read more
05.01.13:: Original Mickey Mouse Club Star Lonnie Burr Finds Theater Read more
04.30.13:: Deanna Durbin, Plucky Movie Star of the Depression Era, Is Dead at 91 Read more
04.29.13:: Disney Channel Stars Come Out for the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards Read more
04.29.13:: Angus T. Jones Won't Be Regular on Two and a Half Men Read more
04.24.13:: Robert Redford’s New Leading Lady: America’s Got Talent star Jackie Evancho Read more
04.22.13:: Young Actor Makes 'Impossible' Difficult to Forget Read more
04.17.13:: The GQ&A: Jason Bateman Read more
04.15.13:: Toronto 'Les Mis' Casting Call Draws Hundreds of Young Hopefuls Read more
04.12.13:: 'Sabrina' Star Seeks Funds for Movie Read more
04.11.13:: Elle Fanning Carries Visceral 'Ginger & Rosa' Read more
04.10.13:: Then + Now: Jonathan Taylor Thomas from ‘Home Improvement’ Read more
04.09.13:: Rodney Allen Rippy, '70s Child Star, Running for Mayor Read more
04.08.13:: Disney Star Funicello Dies at 70 Read more
04.08.13:: SAG-AFTRA Reaches Commercials Deal Read more
04.03.13:: The New Movie Stars: How Young Actors are Redefining Stardom Read more
04.01.13:: Houston Teen Goes Hollywood Read more
03.29.13:: Former Child Star in Hot Demand Read more
03.28.13:: Young Actors Portray Michael Jackson on Broadway Read more
03.25.13:: Child Actors Who Played Drastically Different Adult Roles Read more
03.22.13:: Role Was Lifelong Goal for Young Star of 'Lord of the Dance' Read more
03.20.13:: Selena Gomez: Growing up with "Spring Breakers" Read more
03.19.13:: Child Broadway Actor Shares Experience with Fellow Classmates Read more
03.13.13:: Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas Reunite in 'Last Man Standing' Read more
03.13.13:: Child Actor Plays Psychopath on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Read more
03.06.13:: Abigail Breslin Talks Transitioning from Child Star to Adult Actor Read more
03.04.13:: Ricky Schroder Reunites With 'Silver Spoons' Cast at Comedy Roast Read more
02.27.13:: Jennifer Lawrence 2013 Oscars' Acceptance Speech Do-Over Read more
02.27.13:: Youngest Ever Oscar Nominee Wallis to Play Annie Read more
02.26.13:: Anne Hathaway's Oscar Speech Read more
02.26.13:: Teen Wolf Casting Scoop: Hunger Games Actor to Play Young Derek Hale Read more
02.22.13:: Nashville Actress is Ready for her Biggest Role of All: Growing Up Read more
02.13.13:: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Claire Holt To Co-Star In ‘The Originals’ Spinoff Read more
02.12.13:: 'Vampire Diaries' Spinoff 'The Originals' Adds 'Sorority Row' Actress Read more
02.06.13:: Oscars 2013: 15 Child Actors Who Won Oscars Read more
02.04.13:: Former Child Star Now On a Different Stage Read more
01.28.13:: Pilot Season Trends: Thirtysomethings, Dysfunction and Adaptations Read more
01.28.13:: SAG Awards 2013: List of Winners Read more
01.23.13:: RJ Cutler, Chloe Moretz to 'Stay' for Summit Read more
01.23.13:: PILOT SEASON: Late Pickups, Early Casting Read more
01.16.13:: Oscar Nod Quietly Excites Young Star Read more
01.15.13:: Jodie Foster from Child Actor to Director Read more
01.14.13:: Golden Globe Winners List Read more
01.09.13:: Critic’s Choice Awards: Best Young Actor/Actress Read more
01.08.13:: Mother June Shannon Banking on Honey Boo Boo's Future Read more
01.07.13:: Interview with the Fearless Young Star of "Beasts of the Southern Wild" Read more
01.04.13:: Young Actor (and CIF Member) Logan Strand: Born for the Stage Read more
01.03.13:: Young 'Beasts' Star Celebrates a Magical 2012 Read more
01.02.13:: Child Actors Part of New PA Child Labor Law Read more
12.19.12:: 'Modern Family’ Gets ‘Married With Children’ Casting David Faustino Read more
12.19.12:: Young Star Brings Cheer During Difficult Times Read more
12.17.12:: Child Actor Jack Hanlon Dies at 96 Read more
12.12.12:: Transformers 4 Adds Young Stars To Join Mark Wahlberg Read more
12.12.12:: 'Beasts' Little Girl Gets Two Nominations at Critics' Choice Awards Read more
12.06.12:: Film Review: Les Miserables Starring Former Child Actress Anne Hathaway Read more
12.04.12:: Quvenzhane Wallis in 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Read more
12.03.12:: 'Nashville' star Hayden Panettiere Talks Childhood Fame Read more
11.21.12:: Judd Apatow on Casting His Daughters and Their Dramatic Onscreen Arguments Read more
11.20.12:: Ralph Macchio Talks Hockey & 'Hitchcock' Read more
11.19.12:: Young Hollywood Stars Shine At TeenNick HALO Awards Read more
11.14.12:: 'Boy Meets World' sequel: Casting breakdown reveals Cory has become... Read more
11.13.12:: Daniel Radcliffe Grows Up to be Jon Hamm Read more
11.12.12:: 'The Host' Star Saoirse Ronan Bringing First Trailer To MTV! Read more
11.05.12:: Kristen Stewart in 'Focus' with Ben Affleck Read more
11.02.12:: Saoirse Ronan to star in 'Budapest Hotel' Read more
11.01.12:: 'Parenthood's' New Kid: Meet the Actor Behind Victor Read more
11.01.12:: 'Parenthood's' New Kid: Meet the Actor Behind Victor Read more
10.24.12:: 'Argo' Fills Small Roles with Familiar Faces Read more
10.24.12:: Taylor Swift: 'Red' a Superb New Chapter Read more
10.17.12:: Ezra Miller Tops Hollywood Film Awards' Rising Stars List Read more
10.17.12:: Hollywood Film Awards to Honor LES MIS' Samantha Barks Read more
10.10.12:: Henry Thomas, Child Star of 'E.T.,' Reflects on Classic Film Read more
10.04.12:: A Chance To Be Seen On TV This Halloween Read more
10.04.12:: ‘Vacation’ Cast Reunites, Thanks to Entertainment Weekly Read more
10.01.12:: Selena Gomez’s Life Keeps Getting Better Read more
09.25.12:: Did Bank of America Steal from Child Actors? Read more
09.24.12:: Child Actors Sue Bank of America Read more
09.21.12:: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 'Looper' Star, On Bruce Willis Read more
09.17.12:: 'Hunger Games' Sequel Not Being Shot in NC Read more
09.14.12:: Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Selena Gomez; Young Star Making the Transition at TIFF Read more
09.14.12:: For Actors, Is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire the American Harry Potter? Read more
09.10.12:: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Partners with Former Child Actress, Katie Holmes Read more
09.10.12:: N.Y. Casting Call for Broadway's "Matilda" Read more
09.07.12:: Children Take Center Stage in Three New Broadway Musicals This Season Read more
09.05.12:: Demi Lovato Scores #1 Song With "Give Your Heart A Break" Read more
08.31.12:: Efron to star in 'Are We Officially Dating?' Read more
08.30.12:: Ryan Gosling to Make Directorial Debut Read more
08.27.12:: Nick’s ‘How To Rock’ Cancelled After One Season Read more
08.27.12:: Sony Pictures Animation Celebrates 10th Anniversary Read more
08.21.12:: Talent Managers Association Announces Heller Award Nominees Read more
08.20.12:: Casting Society of America Annouces Artios Nominees Read more
08.13.12:: Chinese Theatres Presents 25 Cent Family Flicks Read more
08.13.12:: Eisenberg, Fanning Making 'Night Moves' Read more
08.09.12:: American Idol Winner Kris Allen And Berklee City Music Host 2012 Scholarship Concert Read more
08.07.12:: "Talent Scout" Business Owner Accused of Ripping Off Hopeful Young Actors Read more
08.06.12:: Young Stars of "Space Warriors" to be a Part of History Read more
08.06.12:: Nick at Nite Premieres Former Child Star Scott Baio Comedy Read more
08.03.12:: Nickelodeon Greenlights 14 New Series and Moview Read more
08.01.12:: Top Ten On Demand Titles Star Former Child Performers! Read more
07.31.12:: J.K. Rowling To Appear In Webcast To Launch New Harry Potter Reading Club Read more
07.31.12:: 8-Year-old Julian Pavone Signs Deal With Le PeTiT CiRqUe Read more
07.31.12:: New Teen Hip-Hop Artist Releases Single Read more
07.27.12:: Alex Pettyfer going to 'Cali' with Former Child Actor Kristen Stewart Read more
07.26.12:: Global Pop Sensation One Direction Partner To Create Line Of Musical Instruments Read more
07.25.12:: How Daniel Radcliffe Turned From Harry Potter Star to Serious Actor Read more
07.24.12:: How I Hit a Home Run Casting Kids for ‘Home Run Showdown’ Read more
07.19.12:: CIF Member and Casting Director, Fern Champion, Nominated for Emmy Read more
07.17.12:: Former Child Star Daniel Radcliffe Utters "The F Word" Read more
07.13.12:: Daniel Radcliffe to Star in 'Horns' Read more
07.11.12:: Former ‘Cosby’ Kid Thrilled About New TV show Read more
07.11.12:: Young Actor has Survivor’s Spirit in ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Read more
07.10.12:: Jason Bateman to Star in and Direct Spelling Bee Comedy Read more
07.09.12:: Syfy Orders More 'Total Blackout' Read more
06.27.12:: Reunited! Children from 1989's Parenthood Read more
06.27.12:: Melissa Joan Hart Signs to Write Memoir Read more
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04.15.11:: Facts of Life Stars Reunite Read more
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12.31.09:: A New Disney Channel Niche: Adults??? Read more
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12.11.09:: Former Child Star Natalie Portman to Star in Big Screen Version of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' Read more
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12.11.09:: Review: 'Avatar' Starring Former Child Actor Giovanni Ribisi Read more
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11.30.09:: Movie Review: ‘Me and Orson Welles’ Starring Former Child Actors Danes and Efron Read more
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11.30.09:: Review: "The Lovely Bones" Starring 15 Year Old Saoirse Ronan Read more
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11.24.09:: Former Child Star Zac Efron: I'm putting aside the teen star image...... Read more
11.24.09:: One to Watch: Kodi Smit-McPhee Stars in "The Road" Read more
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10.30.09:: Major Issues for Minors Read more
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07.31.09:: Former Child Actor Aubrey Drake Graham To Produce, Not Star In, Canadian Sitcom Read more
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07.28.09:: Judge Appoints Financial Guardian for Octuplets Read more
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06.26.09:: King Of Pop Michael Jackson Dies Read more
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06.26.09:: My Sister's Keeper's Abigail Breslin Hangs Tough Read more
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06.17.09:: RadarOnline Slapped With Labor Citations Regarding Octuplet Watch Read more
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06.16.09:: Piano Star Anna Paquin to Appear Naked in True Blood Read more
06.15.09:: Disney's "Zeke and Luther" Seeks Young Male Viewers Read more
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06.11.09:: Review: 'Imagine That,' Eddie Murphy Stars in an Enjoyable Family Comedy Read more
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06.10.09:: SAG Votes for Moderation Read more
06.09.09:: Young Film Makers Honored at Miami's Children's Museum Film Festival Read more
06.08.09:: 'Billy Elliot' Boys Share Record-Breaking Lead Actor Tony Award Win Read more
06.04.09:: Q&A with Tony Award Winner David Bologna Read more
06.03.09:: 'Slumdog' Child Stars Meet Mumbai Congress President Read more
06.01.09:: Pixar Goes "UP" with $68.2 Million Debut Weekend Read more
05.31.09:: Jon & Kate under Child-Labor Law Probe Read more
05.28.09:: 'Bad Seed' Actress Reflects on Her Experiences Read more
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04.23.09:: Miley Cyrus - Becomes The Youngest Hit-Maker Ever Read more
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03.17.09:: TV Biz Flees California Read more
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02.25.09:: Film Festival Focuses on Children Read more
02.23.09:: Child Actors Deal With Touchy Subject Matter Read more
02.23.09:: 'Slumdog Millionaire' wins Oscar for Best Movie; the late Heath Ledger is Best Supporting Actor Read more
02.21.09:: SAG Rejects Final Offer from AMPTP Read more
02.20.09:: Canadian Child Actor Stars in "The Velveteen Rabbit" Read more
02.19.09:: Biggie Smalls' Son on Playing his Father in 'Notorious B.I.G' Read more
02.19.09:: When You Wish Upon a Star: Disney Theme Park to Stage Own American Idol Read more
02.18.09:: Talent scout on lookout for healthy self-image Read more
02.17.09:: AP Writers pick "Slumdog" for Best Picture Read more
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01.30.09:: Film Makers Respond to "Slumdog" Critics Read more
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01.14.09:: Lineup Announced for “Kids’ Inaugural: We Are The Future" Read more
01.12.09:: 'Slumdog' Sweeps to Golden Globe Victory Read more
01.12.09:: Former Child Actress Kate Winslet Joins the Ranks for Tear-Filled Acceptance Speeches Read more
01.08.09:: Former Child Star, DiCaprio to Possibly Star in "Beat the Reaper" Read more
01.08.09:: DGA Unveils Director Nominees Read more
01.07.09:: Child-actor Driven 'Slumdog Millionaire' Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay Read more
01.06.09:: 'Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler features Child Actors Read more
01.05.09:: Think Your Baby Should Be on a Magazine Cover? Read more
01.05.09:: Lourdes to Study at Successful Acting School Read more
01.05.09:: Slumdog Millionaire Nominated by PGA Read more
12.28.08:: Show Biz Kids Adapt Read more
12.27.08:: 'Doubt' to Feature Multiple Child Actors Read more
12.23.08:: "Rediscovered," Hosted by Donny and Marie, Airs Tonight Read more
12.22.08:: SAG Delays Strike Authorization Vote Read more
12.19.08:: Former Child Star, Scarlett Johansson in 'The Spirit' Read more
12.18.08:: Will Miley Cyrus Sing at HFPA's Salute to Young Hollywood Bash? Read more
12.18.08:: Former Child Actor Sam Bottoms Dies at 53 Read more
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12.16.08:: Stars Send Anti-Strike Letter to SAG Read more
12.15.08:: What do these Former Child Actors have in Common? Read more
12.07.08:: No Director for the "Twilight" Sequal. Read more
12.04.08:: Mattel Wins Permanent Injunction vs. MGA in Bratz Case Read more
12.03.08:: Hilary Swank to star in "Resident" Read more
12.02.08:: Britney Spears' Circus Read more
12.01.08:: Shia LaBeouf to Star in 'Associate' Read more
11.30.08:: "Four Christmases" is a Box Office Hit Read more
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11.24.08:: Clifton Boy in Running for a BAFTA at age 15 Read more
11.24.08:: Former Child Actress Adds Clout to Agency Read more
11.23.08:: Teachers Inspire 'True Blood' Actor's Success Read more
11.21.08:: Former child-star, Reese Witherspoon, is Best Paid Woman in Hollywood Read more
11.21.08:: 'Twilight' Breaks Records Read more
11.20.08:: Former Child Star Haley Joel Osment Talks About His Broadway Debut and Growing Up In The Spotlight Read more
11.20.08:: Twilight, Starring Kristen Stewart, Set to be a Big Hit Read more
11.18.08:: Mickey Mouse Turns 80! Read more
11.17.08:: 'Ana's Playground' Speaks Out About Children and War Read more
11.15.08:: London Children's Film Festival Read more
11.14.08:: Movie Review: 'The Boy in Striped Pajamas' Read more
11.13.08:: Designer, Anand Jon, Guilty of Sexual Assault Against Child Models Read more
11.13.08:: Review of New Animated Film, 'Bolt,' Starring Miley Cyrus Read more
11.12.08:: Leave it to Jerry Mathers Read more
11.11.08:: Aboriginal Child Actor, Brandon Walters Read more
11.06.08:: Toy Maker Mattel Cuts 1,000 Jobs Worldwide Read more
11.06.08:: A Child's Story about the Holocaust Read more
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10.28.08:: Child actor Angus McLaren now a married man on TV Read more
10.28.08:: Britney to Star in Biopic Read more
10.27.08:: Jackie Chan Movie to Film in Albuquerque Read more
10.27.08:: Jackie Chan Movie to Film in Albuquerque Read more
10.27.08:: Predicting the Stars of Tomorrow Read more
10.24.08:: Teen Country Star Taylor Swift Connects with Fans Read more
10.17.08:: Catching Up With Former Child Start Mark-Paul Gosselaar Read more
10.17.08:: Review: High School Musical 3 Read more
10.12.08:: Dakota Fanning and The Secret Life of the Bees Read more
10.09.08:: Kids Audition for Gap in NYC Read more
10.08.08:: Variety Power of Youth Read more
10.07.08:: Spring is Looking Good for the Industry Read more
10.05.08:: Teens On Broadway Read more
10.03.08:: Michael Cera is at it Again Read more
10.02.08:: Megan Fox's Start Read more
10.02.08:: Child Actors Falling Short at Box Office Read more
10.01.08:: Former Child Actors, DiCaprio and Winslet to Reunited on Screen Read more
09.28.08:: Former Child Stars, LaBeouf and Cameron, Do Great at the Box Office Read more
09.26.08:: Stardom for Kids Elusive, Expensive Read more
09.24.08:: 7th Annual Seymour Heller Awards Winners Read more
09.22.08:: Actress Elinor Donahue's Grandson Follows in her Footsteps Read more
09.22.08:: Michigan Residents Get a Chance to be Cast Read more
09.21.08:: Opportunity Knocks for Families in Salem, Massachusetts Read more
09.18.08:: Helen Hunt as a Child Star Read more
09.16.08:: Miley Cyrus to Star in Disney Film Read more
09.15.08:: Disney Shoots First Russian Film Read more
09.15.08:: 'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe on his Character, Alan Strang Read more
09.14.08:: Child Actor, Austyn Myers, has a New Way to Memorize Lines Read more
09.11.08:: Actor Helped Kids to Understand Character Read more
09.10.08:: SAG Stalemate Aids AFTRA Read more
09.10.08:: Talent Agencies Deal with Booming Youth Business Read more
09.03.08:: Showbiz Kids Roundtable with Mitchell Gossett and More! Read more
09.02.08:: Saved By the Bell Star Is Raising the Bar Read more
09.02.08:: See What's Ahead for Kid's TV Programming Read more
09.02.08:: "Silver Spoons" Rick Schroder to Direct Read more
08.28.08:: Lessons from Olympic Moms Read more
08.28.08:: Former Child Star Haley Joel Osment Making His Comeback on Broadway Read more
08.26.08:: Autism: The Musical Nominated for Multiple Emmy Awards Read more
08.25.08:: Proceeds from "Katrina's Children" to Help Children's Programs in New Orleans Read more
08.22.08:: Young Star Well-Suited for Overachiever Role Read more
08.21.08:: Child Star Teaches Other Kids The Ropes Read more
08.20.08:: Talent Managers Association Announces Seymour Heller Award Nominees Read more
08.18.08:: Child Star, Josh Peck, Tackles Mature Role Read more
08.14.08:: No Pains for Kirk and Chelsea Cameron Read more
08.13.08:: American Idol is Auditioning Read more
08.11.08:: Film Festival for Children Features Over 70 Short Films Read more
08.11.08:: Acting All Grown Up - Updates on Nick Child-Stars Read more
08.08.08:: Teen Star, Taylor Swift, Blazes Country Music Trails Read more
08.08.08:: Child Star, Melissa Gilbert, Leads Minneapolis Musical Read more
08.08.08:: Keke Palmer and Ice Cube are “The Longshots” Read more
08.05.08:: 11-Year-Old Katie Dorman has a Lifetime's worth of Acting Experience Read more
08.04.08:: Disney Star Selena Gomez Gives Teens a Voice in the 2008 Presidential Campaign Read more
08.01.08:: Wild Child: Bruce Lee was a Kid in the Biz! Read more
08.01.08:: It's Back to Work for the Studios Read more
08.01.08:: Child Actor Gets Back in the Game Read more
07.31.08:: Why Films Are Aimed at Specific Markets Read more
07.30.08:: Julia Roberts' Niece, Emma Roberts, Stars in "Wild Child" Read more
07.29.08:: Cirque du Soleil Performer Learned It's Good to Have a Fallback Read more
07.29.08:: Former Child Star, Elizabeth Berkley Developing Girl Empowerment Reality Series Read more
07.28.08:: CIF Board of Advisor Member Comments on Children in Reality TV Read more
07.23.08:: SAG Claims Bargaining Continues Read more
07.23.08:: DoSomething.org - The Pre-Party at The Teen Choice Awards Read more
07.23.08:: Brooke Shields Survives Hollywood Jungle Read more
07.18.08:: The Child Stars of TGIF Read more
07.18.08:: Review: American Teen Read more
07.18.08:: Could Mattel End Up With Bratz? Read more
07.17.08:: Local Theater Gives Child Actors a Chance in the Spotlight Read more
07.14.08:: Interview: Wil Wheaton on Writing, Movies and Comics Read more
07.14.08:: Jesse McCartney - Ex-Disney star is on the hunt for R&B stardom Read more
07.11.08:: SAG Rejects Final Offer Read more
07.11.08:: Seven Blind Kids Tap Dance In Unusual Movie Read more
07.11.08:: Journey to the Center of the Earth: A Review Read more
07.10.08:: TV Actor Wins Junior County Amateur Golf Title Read more
07.10.08:: Young 'Journey' Star Aims to Stay Centered Read more
07.10.08:: The Jonas Brothers Give Back - "The Change for the Children Foundation" Read more
07.08.08:: Josh Peck, Nickelodeon star, Takes on Adult Role Read more
07.08.08:: AFTRA hires Integrity Voting Systems Read more
07.08.08:: American Girl: A Review Read more
07.01.08:: Abigail Breslin, Wise Beyond Her Years Read more
07.01.08:: Studios Make Final Offer To SAG Read more
07.01.08:: Miley Cyrus Makes Surprise Visit Read more
06.26.08:: Decision Time For SAG Read more
06.26.08:: Rising Young Star Zachary Gordon Read more
06.25.08:: Camp Rock Sequel Already in the Works Read more
06.24.08:: Strike Could Halt Production of Summer Blockbusters Read more
06.24.08:: Tom Hanks Supports AFTRA Contract Read more
06.24.08:: Actor’s Strike: Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst Read more
06.23.08:: Rift Continues to Grow Between Unions Read more
06.23.08:: Former Child Actress Publishes Children’s Book Read more
06.20.08:: Rising Star Demi Lovato Read more
06.19.08:: Q & A With Abigail Breslin Read more
06.19.08:: Get Ready for Camp Rock Read more
06.18.08:: David Archuleta May Make Cameo in High School Musical Read more
06.18.08:: Freddie Highmore Wraps up Sequel to Arthur and the Invisibles Read more
06.18.08:: Miley Cyrus to Host Teen Choice Awards Read more
06.17.08:: Billy Ray Cyrus Discusses Miley’s Vanity Fair Shoot Read more
06.16.08:: Former Child Star Jason Bateman Staying Busy Read more
06.16.08:: Is Selena Really the Next Miley? Read more
06.13.08:: Binid Irwin Excited About Daytime Emmy Awards Read more
06.13.08:: The Top 20 Children’s Movies Read more
06.12.08:: Disney Offers Free Movies Online Read more
06.12.08:: Rising Star Miranda Cosgrove Read more
06.12.08:: Disney and Pixar Present WALL•E Read more
06.11.08:: Remember Candace Cameron From Full House? Read more
06.11.08:: SAG & AFTRA, The Saga Continues Read more
06.10.08:: “Camp Rock” The Next “High School Musical” Read more
06.10.08:: The Return of The Smurfs Read more
06.10.08:: Abigail Breslin Stars in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Read more
06.09.08:: “Kung Fu Panda” Beats Up "Zohan" Read more
06.09.08:: Former Child Actor From "It’s A Wonderful Life Passed Away" Read more
06.06.08:: A Recent Report Examines the Cost of the Writer’s Strike Read more
06.06.08:: David Archuleta Sign’s First Record Deal Read more
06.04.08:: Film Review: “Kung Fu Panda” Read more
06.04.08:: Q & A with Kirk Cameron About His New Book Read more
06.04.08:: CIF Charity Supported by Many A-Listers Read more
06.03.08:: Modeling Agency Scams Parents and Kids Read more
06.03.08:: Time is Running Out for SAG Read more
06.02.08:: Former Child Actor Jamie Bell Read more
05.29.08:: Interview With Former Child Actress Mena Suvari Read more
05.29.08:: The Battle of the David’s is Over, but Who Will Have More Success? Read more
05.29.08:: The Jonas Brother’s New Album Read more
05.28.08:: AFTRA and The Majors Agree to a Tentative Deal Read more
05.28.08:: Former Child Actress Sarah Jessica Parker Read more
05.28.08:: Former Child Actor to Clerk for Retired Justice Read more
05.23.08:: Cameron Diaz Goes Bald Read more
05.23.08:: AFTRA Won’t Give Up Online Clips Read more
05.22.08:: Miley Cyrus Begins Shooting Hannah Montana: The Movie Read more
05.21.08:: Networks Announce Pilots for Upcoming Fall Schedule Read more
05.21.08:: Haylie Duff to Executive Produce MTV Reality Show Read more
05.20.08:: Child Actor: Ricky Schroder of “Silver Spoons” Read more
05.20.08:: Challenges Still Lie ahead for AFTRA Read more
05.20.08:: Q & A with Shia LeBeouf Read more
05.19.08:: Before They Were Stars Read more
05.19.08:: Watch Out for “The Mezzo-Sopranos” Read more
05.19.08:: Film Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Read more
05.15.08:: Miley’s Latest Photo Shoot, Got Miley? Read more
05.15.08:: R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps Movie in the Works Read more
05.15.08:: Miley Cyrus’ Agent, Mitchell Gossett, Signs with UTA Read more
05.14.08:: Q & A with American Idol Contestant David Archuleta Read more
05.14.08:: Remember Fraggle Rock? Read more
05.14.08:: First Look at “Kung Fu Panda” Read more
05.12.08:: Georgie Henley Reprises her Role in Prince Caspian Read more
05.12.08:: Film Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Read more
05.12.08:: Child Actor Who Played a Young “Forrest Gump, ” Returns to Silver Screen Read more
05.09.08:: Rising Star Selena Gomez Read more
05.09.08:: Raven-Symone Talks About Her New CD Read more
05.09.08:: Justin Timberlake to Produce MTV Show Read more
05.08.08:: Rift Continues to Grow between AFTRA & SAG Read more
05.08.08:: Disney Gives Fans a Chance to be in High School Musical Read more
05.08.08:: Former Child Actor Gone Right: Christina Applegate Read more
05.07.08:: Film Review: “Speed Racer” Read more
05.07.08:: Marvel Entertainment Green Lights New Animated Series Read more
05.06.08:: Steven Spielberg’s New Video Game Read more
05.06.08:: SAG Deadline Rapidly Approaching Read more
05.06.08:: The Jonas Brother to Make 3D Movie Read more
05.05.08:: Children In Film President Toni Casala Discusses the Miley Cyrus Photo Controversy with USA Today. Read more
05.05.08:: ‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ Shooting Has Begun! Read more
05.05.08:: Lindsay Lohan to Guest Star on “Ugly Betty” Read more
05.02.08:: Screen Actors Guild Scales Back Contract Demands Read more
05.02.08:: Rising Young Star Jordana Beatty Read more
04.30.08:: Q & A with “Son of Rambow” Filmmakers Read more
04.30.08:: Disney’s Rising Young Star Selena Gomez Read more
04.30.08:: Miley Cyrus is Experiencing the Harsh Realities of Fame Read more
04.28.08:: Miley Cyrus Apologizes for Photos Read more
04.28.08:: Tom Cruise’s Son to Play a Young Will Smith Read more
04.28.08:: Former Child Star Jason Bateman to Star in Mike Judge Film Read more
04.25.08:: Nick Lachey to Host New Reality Show Read more
04.25.08:: Spotlight on Christina Ricci Read more
04.25.08:: Former Child Stars Still Going Strong Read more
04.24.08:: Listen to Former Child Star Scarlett Johansson’s Debut Album Read more
04.24.08:: Britney Spears is Returning to How I Met Your Mother Read more
04.24.08:: SAG & Studios Agree to Extend Negotiations Read more
04.23.08:: Miley Cyrus Memoirs to be Published Read more
04.23.08:: Ali Lohan, Lindsay’s Younger Sister to Make Big-Screen Debut Read more
04.21.08:: Will the Screen Actors Guild go on Strike? Read more
04.21.08:: Nickelodeon Launches New Pro-Social Environmental Campaign Read more
04.21.08:: Disney to Launch New Film Label, Disneynature. Read more
04.18.08:: Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Stars of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” Read more
04.18.08:: Daniel Radcliffe Stars in “My Boy Jack” Read more
04.18.08:: “iCarly," Star Miranda Cosgrove Has Sights Set on Conquering the Music World Read more
04.17.08:: What Ever Happened to Hanson? Read more
04.17.08:: Movie Review: Son of Rambow Read more
04.16.08:: The Screen Actors Guild has signed an Interim Deal with Independent Film Company Read more
04.15.08:: Do Parents Love The Jonas Brothers? Read more
04.15.08:: Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus Rock the CMT Awards Read more
04.15.08:: Movie Review: ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ Read more
04.09.08:: Iris Burton, Renowned Agent to Many Child Stars, Will Be Missed Read more
04.09.08:: Child Actress Gone Right: Alyssa Milano Read more
04.08.08:: Miley Cyrus to Star in New 3D Animated Disney Film Read more
04.07.08:: “Idol Gives Back” Brings Out the Stars Read more
04.02.08:: High School Musical 3 to Begin Shooting in April Read more
04.02.08:: The Jonas Brothers Movie Read more
04.01.08:: Q & A with Abigail Breslin Read more
04.01.08:: Child Actors Gone Right: Reese Witherspoon Visits School in New Orleans Read more
03.31.08:: Miley Cyrus Wins Big at Nickelodeon’s 21st Annual Kids’ Choice Awards Read more
03.31.08:: Hollywood Unions Prepare for Labor Negotitations. Read more
03.27.08:: Nickelodeon’s 21st Annual Kids' Choice Awards Read more
03.27.08:: Miley Cyrus to Headline Today Show's Summer Concert Series Read more
03.27.08:: The Jonas Brothers: Stars on the Rise Read more
03.25.08:: Children In Film Board of Advisor Member’s Project to be Featured on HBO Read more
03.25.08:: Q & A with Drake Bell of 'Drake and Josh' on Nickelodeon Read more
03.24.08:: Justin Timberlake Donates $200,000 to Hometown Read more
03.20.08:: Nate Hartley, 16, makes big-screen debut in “Drillbit Taylor” Read more
03.20.08:: Spotlight on Abigail Breslin Read more
03.19.08:: S.A.G. Foundation and Superpages. com Announce New Line Up of Storyline Online Celebrity Readers Read more
03.18.08:: Saoirse Ronan is Unfazed by Stardom Read more
03.18.08:: PBS Launches KIDS PLAY! Read more
03.17.08:: “Idol Gives Back” Read more
03.17.08:: Read what Miley Cyrus’ Famous Godmother said about her? Read more
03.17.08:: Film Review: Horton Hears a Who! Read more
03.17.08:: FCC Profanity Policy is Under Supreme Court Review Read more
03.13.08:: Oscar Winner Jodi Foster Talks about her Childhood, Fame, and Motherhood Read more
03.12.08:: Rising Young Star Madison Pettis and Her Mother Share the Realities of a Child Actor Read more
03.11.08:: Possible S.A.G. Strike Will Affect Actors of All Ages Read more
03.10.08:: Q & A with Raven Symone’ Read more
03.10.08:: Miley and her father Billy Ray talk to former child star Maureen “Marcia Brady” McCormick Read more
03.07.08:: Film Review : ‘CJ7’ – Child Actress Takes on Male Role Read more
03.07.08:: Spotlight on Raven Symone Read more
03.04.08:: American Idol Gives Back Read more
03.04.08:: Former Child Star, Drew Barrymore, Donates 1 Million on ‘Oprah’ Read more
03.03.08:: Success Story: Natalie Portman Read more
03.03.08:: Ron Howard: Biography of a Showbiz Kid Veteran Read more
02.27.08:: One of the Greatest Child Stars of all Time! Read more
02.26.08:: Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus to host CMT Awards Read more
02.24.08:: Q & A with Natalie Portman Read more
02.22.08:: Justin Martin: Rising Young Star Read more
02.21.08:: Former Child Broadway Star Breaks into Country-Western Music Industry Read more
02.20.08:: Former Child Actor Robert Hy Gorman Starts Production Company Read more
02.14.08:: Miley Ray Cyrus to Present at the 80th annual Academy Awards Read more
02.13.08:: Freddie Highmore - Impressive On and Off Screen! Read more
02.12.08:: Film Review: ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ Read more
02.08.08:: Nickelodeon 21st Annual Kids' Choice Awards Read more
02.07.08:: Rising Young Stars of 2008 Read more
02.04.08:: Hannah Montana Movie Breaks Box Office Record! Read more
02.01.08:: Movie Review: ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ is Packed with Young Actors Read more
02.01.08:: The Jonas Brothers: Redefining the Meaning of “Boy Band” Read more
01.30.08:: Q & A with Miley Ray Cyrus aka Hannah Montana Read more
01.29.08:: Up-and-Coming Child Actor, Jimmy Bennett, Cast as Young Captain Kirk in New ‘Star Trek’ Movie Read more
01.25.08:: IMTA Convention 2008 in Downtown Los Angeles Attracts Aspiring Actors and Models Read more
01.24.08:: Saoirse Ronan Nominated for an Oscar for her Performance in ‘Atonement’ Read more
01.23.08:: Hannah Montana Movie Tickets, Get Them While You Can Read more
01.17.08:: Mario Lopez & Academy of Cinema Develop DVD for Aspiring Young Actors and Their Parents. Read more
01.17.08:: New Mexico Family Excited about their Baby’s role in New Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger Movie Read more
01.17.08:: Q & A with Katherine Heigl, former Child Model turned Hollywood Superstar Read more
01.12.08:: WGA Strike Takes Away ‘Golden’ Opportunity for Young Actress, Saoirse Ronan Read more
01.11.08:: Richard Thomas, Former Star of ‘The Waltons,’ Talks about his Life and Career Read more
01.08.08:: 'He's Just Not That Into You' but we're into rising star Trenton Rogers Read more
01.08.08:: Golden Globes Officially Cancelled, What about the Oscars? Read more
01.07.08:: Q & A with Ryan Gosling and Five Leading Oscar Contenders Read more
01.04.08:: Jurnee Smollett gets a nod for her Work in “The Great Debaters” Starring with Denzel Washington Read more
01.04.08:: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Daniel Radcliffe Gives Back Read more
01.03.08:: South Africa Reexamines Child Labor Laws Read more
01.03.08:: The Jonas Brother Multimillion Dollar Touring Deal Read more
01.02.08:: Two Former Child Stars Nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards Read more
12.30.07:: Young Actress Saorise Ronan gets Nominated for Golden Globe for her role in "Atonement" Read more
12.28.07:: 13 Year old 'Water Horse' Star Masters a Scottish Accent and Endures Icy Waters Read more
12.19.07:: Former Child Star Jason Bateman Back on Track Read more
12.18.07:: Sixth Installment of "Harry Potter" Funniest of Films Read more
12.16.07:: THEATRE REVIEW: Iowa City Theatre Production of 'A Christmas Story' Read more
12.15.07:: FILM REVIEW: ALVIN!!! Read more
12.14.07:: Former Child Actress Sara Ramirez ("Grey's Anatomy") Returns to her Stage Actress Roots Read more
12.11.07:: Miley Cyrus Just a Regular Teen Read more
12.10.07:: Hayden Panettiere, Not Just a Hero on TV Read more
12.10.07:: Crowd in Rosemont, Illinois goes Bananas for Hannah Montana Read more
12.10.07:: 9 year old Son of former Soprano's Star Michael Imperioli to Make Television Debut Read more
12.10.07:: PETA Supporter Christina Applegate is all grown up and Married with Cats & Dogs Read more
12.05.07:: Q and A with Dakota Blue Richards, the young star of "The Golden Compass" Read more
12.05.07:: High School Musical Star Vanessa Hudgens Sued Read more
12.05.07:: FILM REVIEW: MSNBC Holiday Movie Reviews are in! Read more
11.30.07:: Q & A with Freddie Highmore young star of "August Rush" Read more
11.27.07:: 'Wonder Emporium' Star Natalie Portman: How far can she climb? Read more
11.25.07:: On the Move: Former Child Actor Adrien Brody Read more
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