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Review: 'Ruby & the Rockits' Starring Former Child Actor Alexa Vega

July 21, 2009

Patrick and David Gallagher (played by David and Patrick Cassidy) were musical icons as the Rockits, as demonstrated by a spoof video showing them with really unfortunate hair. Now Patrick has grown up and moved on to domestic bliss -- running a car dealership, with a wife and two sons -- while David is still hanging onto the fringes of showbiz, playing Indian casinos, stumbling home at dawn and bedding a variety of women.

Enter Ruby (Alexa Vega of "Spy Kids"), a teenager who bluntly informs David she's his heretofore-unknown daughter. Without so much as a paternity test, he quickly delivers the kid to his slightly estranged brother, saying that his wild lifestyle doesn't lend itself to looking after a child -- even one with a sweet singing voice (naturally) who might be a little too attractive to her slow-on-the-uptake cousin (Austin Butler). Read More