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Former Child Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Moves On To Romantic Comedy

July 13, 2009

Jewish space alien, hooker with a heart of gold, brain-damaged former jock. And that's not all Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been. Child actor, TV star, indie stalwart ... and now, bona fide leading man?

"I don't consider myself 'bona fide' anything. Those labels just don't stick on me," says Gordon-Levitt in a Santa Monica hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. But like it or not, he convincingly forms half of the couple in the painfully funny new romantic comedy "(500) Days of Summer." Still in his 20s, he has put together quite a roles' gallery - distancing himself from his "3rd Rock From the Sun" fame with a series of heavy dramas, including "Mysterious Skin" and "The Lookout." Read More