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Review of New Animated Film, 'Bolt,' Starring Miley Cyrus

November 13, 2008

An "Incredible Journey" or "Homeward Bound" updated for the superhero era, "Bolt"  is an OK Disney animated entry enhanced by nifty 3-D projection. The first inhouse feature from Disney Animation since Pixar guru John Lasseter took over the studio's creative reins, this tale of a canine forced to overcome his superdog complex and learn to become a regular pooch bears some telltale signs of Pixar's trademark smarts, but still looks like a mutt compared to the younger company's customary purebreds. While punchy enough to keep parents amused, pic will probably play best to small fry and, especially with Disney star Miley Cyrus on board, will have no trouble chasing down hefty biz through the holidays.  Read More