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Film Review: “Kung Fu Panda”

June 04, 2008

There's no cuter member of the animal kingdom, so why has he taken so long to land a starring role in Hollywood? The truth is, we like our cartoons to be the less attractive eccentrics: mice, rats, whatever Gonzo is. 

"Kung Fu Panda" begins with a stylish, brilliantly colored dream in which Po (Jack Black) imagines he's part of the Furious Five, a group of elite kung fu fighters. They are like a Noah's Ark of warriors: Angelina Jolie is Tigress (who looks a bit like Tony the Tiger's sister); Seth Rogen is Mantis, an insect whose skills exceed his size; David Cross is the bird Crane; Lucy Liu is the snake Viper; and Jackie Chan is Monkey, whose species you can guess.

"Kung Fu Panda," a DreamWorks Animation SKG and Paramount Pictures release, is rated PG comes to theaters on June 6th, 2008.  Read More