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Miley Cyrus is Experiencing the Harsh Realities of Fame

April 30, 2008

Just how big is Miley Cyrus, Disney estimates that the young star’s empire will soon reach one billion dollars.  Never mind the money, what about the millions of teens who admire and look up to the young star?  That is a lot of pressure and responsibility for a girl who is only 15 years old.  The photo of her in Vanity Fair whether you feel it is inappropriate or not, has been widely debated since its release. 

For the record, only Cyrus’ back and shoulders are bare in the most controversial shot by Annie Leibovitz, the renowned celebrity photographer. Cyrus herself told the magazine in an accompanying article that she found the photo, in which she gathers, a sheet around her, to be “artsy.” Whether you agree with her or not, its commendable that she has apologized right away.  Read More