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Choosing Your Acting Coaches and Classes

February 28, 2018

When it comes to your child's acting career most agents and managers will agree that the question isn't so much about whether a young actor needs classes, but rather about what age they should begin these classes, in what types of classes they should enroll, and with which coach?

Children In Film has reached out to a few of our top rated agents and managers to get their thoughts on the subject and they agree: like an athlete must continue to train, young actors must continue to practice their craft throughout their careers.

So if it is confirmed that you need coaches and classes, how do you decide when to start, and which classes and coaches to choose.

Choosing classes based on age

The age of your child will most definitely dictate the type of training he or she needs. In fact, according to the professionals, training is not just about learning how to act; a successful young performer should be equipped to act appropriately within the industry.

Starting with the basics is very important. Your child should be up to speed, or "above the norm," when it comes to things like reading and the ability to take direction from adults.

After that, it is a known fact that even child actors frequently have to perform very adult tasks like the ability to cry on command or convey a variety of emotions in a short period of time.

Choosing the type of class 

There are a variety of classes available to young performers from scene studies and improv classes, to musical theater classes, dance classes and runway/modeling classes. In addition, you can select from private coaching, small group classes and large group classes and you even have the option of attending camps, workshops and showcases. How do you choose?

To start, consult with your representation.

In addition, the pros recommend that you read the resume and accomplishments of the coach's students and audit the classes you are considering to get a sense for how the coach interacts with your child.

Picking the cream of the crop

With so many coaches and classes to choose from, and with so many unfortunate scams within the business, how do you know where to allocate your funds?

Children In Film's Ratings and Recommendations system provides two options for giving and benefiting from feedback.  With the five-star rating system, members can leave an anonymous star rating for any professional with whom they've had experience.  And for those who deserve an extra pat on the back, the recommendations system allows members to leave feedback in the form of a comment. Parents can read these ratings and recommendations when looking to find a new acting coach or class and they can help the community by alerting others to know predators and scams.