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Planning Your Wardrobe

January 10, 2018

Interviews, Casting Calls, Go-Sees and More

One day when you're rich and famous, someone will pick you and your child up in a car before your call time on set. You may roll our of bed in your PJs and sleepily get in the vehicle, your hair a mess. Then, on set, you'll sit through hair and makeup, and finally someone will pick out your clothes. When you attend parties and award shows, designers will be eager to dress you. Perhaps you'll even have a personal assistant who will help you shop for your daily attire.

Until then, it's up to you parents to work with your child to plan outfits, hairstyles and age appropriate makeup..... oh, and drive to and from auditions and jobs.

Here are some insider tips to make those "what to wear" decisions a little easier.

Interviews and meetings: If you've got an interview with a potential agent or manager or a meeting with another Industry Pro in the biz, be sure to dress professional. Mom and Dad, that means nice slacks/skirt and an ironed shirt or blouse. Consider this professional attire similar to what you would wear to an interview. Children should be dressed nicely and in a presentable manner. Additionally, they should be comfortable and be able to express their own unique style.

Auditions: Generally, auditions will call for you to be dressed business-casual. This means that kids should dress in a manner in which they would dress on a daily basis - jeans, cute skirts or dresses, shorts, khakis, etc. Don't go overboard with prints and patterns as they tend to bounce on camera and it will be a distraction if your audition is taped. Usually, your agent will tell you what to wear. If not, casual is the default. However, sometimes the breakdowns will call for things like PJs, for example.

Go-sees: The term go-see is more of a New York term and is generally used when referring to a model who goes to an interview with a potential agency. For go-sees, consider yourself a blank canvas. You want to be dressed presentably and comfortably. You also want to look stylish, but even jeans and a white tee can be stylish. The agency wants to see what you can become in front of the camera and therefore needs to see a clean face and clean hair along with an outfit that compliments your body.