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5 Ways to Ensure Continued Career Success

January 31, 2018

Maintaining Stride Within Your Entertainment Career

 It's no secret that Children In Film has a track record of assisting young performers in launching their entertainment careers. Stefanie Scott, for example, was a photo contest winner long before she appeared on A.N.T. Farm and Jem and the Holograms.

By now you know that success within your career is an ever-continuing process. Here are some ways you can keep the momentum going especially during a time of year that can sometimes feel a bit slow:

There are no small projects. Some Industry Pros recommend refusing to work on bad material, no matter how big the budget. This theory goes hand-in-hand with being willing to work on a low-budget project simply because you love the material.

There are no small people.  Humility can become a challenging thing especially for young people thrust into the limelight. It is one of the reasons CIF teaches Healthy Earnership and promotes giving back to the community. Always remember where you came from because Hollywood (the community, not necessarily the location) is the smallest big town you'll ever encounter. People remember people and what goes around truly does come around. Send out positive vibes and behaviors and positivity will come back to you.

Always Be Networking. In the business of show, you are the product and you must always be selling. Yes, at this point in your career you have an agent and/or a manager who is regularly pitching you, but how are you personally marketing yourself? A great way to market is to get involved. Attend networking events and be seen within the community as someone who genuinely loves his/her career and craft. You never know who you will meet and you never know who will be watching.

Never Stop Learning. When you're on a roll acing auditions left and right it is easy to get complacent and to forget that you must always be studying your craft. If you are auditioning, don't forget to research the character and the production and work privately with your coach. And remember the work doesn't stop once you book the part; if you are actively working on a film, you generally have time to develop your character before production starts, and if you have booked a television show or commercial it is important to do your own prep work before you go to set. Productions move quickly and being prepared is key to leaving a good impression.

Balance is Key. A truly successful person is great at prioritizing while maintaining balance. Make a list of your top five priorities - this is likely to include things like your career, your schoolwork and your family.  When necessary, remind yourself of your priorities and don't let them suffer just because you are focused on one thing. You can't legally work unless your grades are up to par, and remember, your family is part of the reason you've made it to where you are today; protect these things because they are valuable and give each one the attention they need.

One final tip - consider brushing up on your industry education by walking through the steps of the KidStart Program. While you may have already completed these tasks, it's always good to go back and make sure everything is up to speed.