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Prepping for a Call Back

August 02, 2017

How to Prep for a Call Back
By Loren Chadima, Acting Coach

When you walk out of the casting room and you’re still in the glow of the audition, don’t leave, sit back down in the waiting room.  As my friend Brian from Performer Track says, “You might just freak out the other actors, but that’s not the point.” The point is to remember what happened in the room and write it down. It cannot be logged in your head.

What do you write down after an audition?
  1. Who were all the people in the room? (Don’t know? Kindly ask the assistant.)
  2. What were the adjustments they gave you?
  3. What did they say and anything else remarkable you can remember about the experience.
  4. Pull out your 9 Questions of Intentional Acting. Answer  them according to what you did in the audition room.
Now you’re ready for your callback -  you know exactly what you did and how to do it again, and yes – wear the same thing, unless they tell you otherwise. Notice I say WHEN you get the callback, not IF
Next – sit and breathe. Notice your breath and just breathe.  If you forgot something write it down.

Leave and go to the car, but don’t drive away just yet. Breathe again, and again. And no matter how the audition went, good or bad, say an affirmation that makes you feel good i.e.“I am an awesome person. I am an awesome actor. I did what I did and it was more than enough.”  Say this as many times as you need to feel complete. (Perhaps set your phone timer and repeat the affirmation for two minutes.)

Now you’re ready to drive away. Move onto your next action of the day and get on with your life. And that’s when the phone will ring, with a callback – after you’ve done your work and let it all go.