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Which Talent Agent is right for your child?

June 27, 2018

5 Different Talent Agent Types

In the entertainment industry, there are many different types of talent agents.  Some agents will represent your child in only limited areas (commercial/print for example), while others prefer to represent you "across the board" which means that they want to represent you in all areas of entertainment. 

You could have one or more agents representing your child in different regions or in different category.

When searching for an agent to represent your child, it’s important to understand the different agent types.   You will need to focus on agents who represent actors within your child’s specific area of talent and expertise.   Here are five different types of agents, and the kind of artists they represent.

Theatrical Agent:

A Theatrical Agent represents talent for television and film work. This includes movies, sitcoms, episodic and soaps.   Think: "You're playing a character in a scripted film or TV performance."

Commercial Agent:

A Commercial Agent represents talent for television and internet commercials.  Broadcast is the key here; don’t confuse Commercial Agents with print agents who represents models for commercial print advertising.   Think: "You are promoting a product or service."

Print Agent:

A Print Agent represents models for commercial print modeling work. This could be work for your child at magazines, in newspaper ads, on the Internet, for direct mail pieces, product packaging or live runway.  Think: "You are showing off a look or product line; such as clothing, shoes, or sports gear."

Legit Agent:

A Legit Agent is an agent for the 'legitimate' stage.  Look for a Legit Agent to represent your child for musical theatre, stage plays, dance, choir, and the like. 
Think: "You are ready to perform on Broadway."

Voice Over Agent:

Look for a Voice Over Agent when your child is interested in representation for audio recordings. These artists are generally heard, not seen.   Think: "You are on a radio ad or in an animated feature."
No matter what, it's important to know that your agent works for you, and not the other way around.   Always consider their background and experience before making a decision.

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