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What Ever Happened to Hanson?

April 17, 2008

Who sang that catchy tune MMMBop? MMM I remember: Hanson! Whatever happened to the three brothers from Hanson: Isaac, Taylor and Zac?  The band released their second full-length album called “The Walk,” and is touring.  The sibling trio is currently working to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic and related poverty ravaging Africa.

They've partnered with hipster shoe manufacturer TOMS, whose "Shoe Drop" campaign involves the company donating one pair of shoes to a child in Africa for every pair sold here stateside. Accordingly, Hanson concerts feature a moveable TOMS shoe store, where the footwear is available for purchase.  As part of the campaign, Hanson traveled to Africa to record the charity single "Great Divide" and help TOMS deliver more than 50,000 pairs of shows to kids in need.  Read More